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Winter wonderland?


Trosa Sweden Green Square dec 2015
With 10 degree C in Trosa Sweden we have no hope of a white Christmas. It feels more like very early Spring and a very dark Spring 🙂

This is a little park in Trosa with the name Gröna torget, green square. To the left you can see a little bit of Trosa river or maybe Trosa creek is a better translation.

In the yellow house there once was a Store for nails and screws and other building stuff. I don’t remember the English word for “Järnhandel” at the moment, sorry 🙂

Do you get a white or a green Christmas?

I hope you all get a good Christmas no matter the weather, the health or everything else that always somehow comes in our way.


37 thoughts on “Winter wonderland?”

    1. I wonder if we’ll have different Christmas song lyrics in the future. Or maybe we will sing I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….just like the ones that was many years ago!

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  1. Anna, a most charming photo. Your village must be lovely. Perhaps one day…? It isn’t cold here at all but a grey blanket seems to be hanging over us. They are forecasting some rain over the week but the old villagers are not convinced. If a wind sets in, it could all blow out to sea?
    I really do love seeing more of your village it is so delightful. 🙂 xx

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    1. Thank you. I will always show photos and paintings of my town. Actually Trosa has always been a very photographed and painted town, so I just do what so many before me have done. And we like to brag about our little town. I’m sure there’s lots of towns better than ours, but we will keep bragging:)


  2. I think I may have mentioned before how winter is my favourite season, and how despairing I have been about having barely any snow here in Manchester over the last three or four years or so? I (jokingly) gave my wife an ultimatum: if there is no snow this year it is the final straw-we are going to move north. Well we have been told now that there is a chance that Christmas Day this year could be the warmest on record. Looking for suitcases now.

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  3. Lovely post. It has been so warm here that we are not getting snow either. I know there are lots of discussions about global warming. I think it is obvious in the suburbs and rural areas north of New York City where I have lived since I was 6 years old, that white Christmas’ are a rarity instead of the usual. Nostalgia.

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    1. We had one long and cold winter couple of years ago but otherwise there’s been warm winters and green Christmas. Last year we got winter in January-February instead of November-Feb/March. Weird times we live in.

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  4. It’s rainy and windy here, with temperatures in the fifties (Fahrenheit).

    Is the word you’re looking for hardware store? They usually sell more than just building materials, but they’d have those as well.

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    1. Yes, hardware store is the word! Thank you. I know that word, but when I wrote the post I couldn’t remember it. The translation help wasn’t helping much.

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  5. Anna,
    If it is global warming, it is scary.
    We have a green Christmas where I live- have never known any other. But feel sad for those who have been used to a White Christmas.
    Merry X’mas, my friend.

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    1. I agree. This is global warming effects and that’s scary. But I don’t really mind the weather right now, but I’m worried about what global warming will do next. Merry Christmas:)

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            1. Merry Christmas to you too and maybe there’s a Nobel prize in the stocking for your husband this year or maybe next year:)


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