Nature miracles, Trosa is the place

Herons in the air

We have two herons flying over our inner city. I catched them with camera today, but I missed the op when they were even nearer over my head. They are shy and fly away as soon as one come too close. They seems to like our river area.


Our ducks all over Trosa river is not that shy. They are well fed by people walking along the river. If you stop to take a photo they believe you gonna feed them. After this photo more ducks arrived to see if there were any food for them.


22 thoughts on “Herons in the air”

            1. How lovely to be able to see sounds! Now I learned something new. What a beautiful thought and a challenge. To describe sounds visible. Love it!

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  1. Herons and cranes of all kinds are seen as a sort of sign of longevity in some cultures, so it’s good luck that you have them. They are rather shy, though. Thanks for the photo.

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    1. Thanks and how interesting to now they bring luck. I like them and they’re so cool to see at the water line when they searching for something to eat.

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    1. Thanks. I just have my mobile phone and it’s an old one, but camera is good for being a phone cam. “Pling”


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