Since 2013 we celebrate Easter in Trosa with Art exhibitions everywhere in Trosa, Västerljung and Vagnhärad. Artists open up their places for people to visit and watch their Art pieces.

This kind of Art events started in south of Sweden many years ago.

It’s a nice way of walking around in our little towns and villages in our municipality.

No, I don’t participate in this event, but I did the first year. You can read about that year here:

In the picture no 33 (if I counted right) you can see a picture of me and two of my painter friends. I’m the one to the right.
If you’re planning to visit Trosa this Easter you can check out this exhibit catalog:

I can brag about being the artist that sold the very first paiting ever in is event (if they haven’t change that story). There’s an exhibition hall where every artist that participate in the event have one art piece each hanging. At that place my painting in 2013 was the first one sold. It was a canvas print of this painting.


to climb a mountain
Happy Easter 🙂