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Art in Trosa Easter 2016

Nu kan du läsa om årets konstrunda i Trosa på nättidningen Du hittar artikeln här. If you want to read about art weekend in Trosa (in Swedish) or just look at the pictures you can find the article from here. I'm not one of the artists, but you can always see what my… Continue reading Art in Trosa Easter 2016

Monotypi, Trosa is the place, What ever, Yellow fellows

Easter in Trosa Art weekend

Since 2013 we celebrate Easter in Trosa with Art exhibitions everywhere in Trosa, Västerljung and Vagnhärad. Artists open up their places for people to visit and watch their Art pieces. This kind of Art events started in south of Sweden many years ago. It's a nice way of walking around in our little towns and… Continue reading Easter in Trosa Art weekend