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Baking cake week

July 18 is the start of womens week in Sweden and I think also in Finland. Everyday has a womens name except one day. Then it’s Fredriks day.

One of the traditions this week is to bake a cake everyday. I tried that this evening. Not a very good try though. You know the Pavlova cake? My cake will not look like it supposed to look. Maybe it will taste better than it looks 🙂

I did a drawing for this week last summer. Here it is again. Have a happy week and bake lots of cakes! Leave a link in the comments if you make a post or two about your cake baking 🙂

Another tradition that week is rain, but I hope there will be bith sun and rain.


14 thoughts on “Baking cake week”

  1. One cake a day!?!? Okay, I am NOT going to integrate that tradition into my live. But let me know if you need help with eating all those cakes. I’ll quickly hop on a plane and come over 😉

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    1. So far I have made two cakes, both of them failed but tasted good anyway. Yes it’s a nice tradition, you should start the same tradition at your place, or move to a cake baking place 🙂 “pling”


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