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Cake week – tårtvecka 2020

Rerun from 2019. Reprisinlägg från 2019. Cake week starts this week in Sweden or womens week that most people like to call it. Nu börjar tårtveckan eller som de flesta kanske kallar den, fruntimmersveckan. One cake for each name day. En tårta för varje namnsdag. So bake seven different cake for seven days. Så baka… Continue reading Cake week – tårtvecka 2020

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Cake week – tårtvecka in Sweden

This week is called womens week in Sweden. Everyday has a womans name in the calendar. One tradition about this week is baking cakes everyday. I failed to do that this year. It's too warm for baking cakes right now. But today I actually managed to bake a cake and it tasted good. Fruntimmersveckan betyder… Continue reading Cake week – tårtvecka in Sweden

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Cake week starts today in Sweden least I call it Cake week. The official name is Womens week or Ladies week. The week starts with the namesday of Fredrik, then follows six days with womens namedays. One tradition this week is to make cakes for each and every one of the names. Another tradition this week is that it often seems… Continue reading Cake week starts today in Sweden

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Who are you?

The love the rain person or the other? Anna

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Baking cake week

July 18 is the start of womens week in Sweden and I think also in Finland. Everyday has a womens name except one day. Then it's Fredriks day. One of the traditions this week is to bake a cake everyday. I tried that this evening. Not a very good try though. You know the Pavlova… Continue reading Baking cake week

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In Sweden we have a week where the name day consists only of women's names except one day. One of the traditions of the week is to bake a cake for every day. A less popular tradition of the week is that there are often unstable weather with a lot of rain. I stick to… Continue reading LADIES WEEK – CAKE WEEK