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The seventh wave


archipelago candy raspberry boats


Today I did go see “my ocean”, which is a little piece of the Baltic sea. It was cold winds and only four degree C in the water, which means about the same temp in the winds from the waterside.

But the water had summer colors and the evening sun gave the summernight illusion. Just as beautiful as only a sea horizon can be.

That summer illusion made me remember a classic monster Swedish hit by Marie Fredriksson, one of the two in Roxette if you remember our Swedish music export in the 90’s.

In the 80’s she wrote a bunch of Swedish nowadays classic popsong hits. One of them is The seventh wave (Den sjunde vågen in Swedish).
That song is so much so much Swedish Summers to me.

Marie Fredriksson – Den sjunde vågen (live 1987) – – YouTube

This is a live piece performance from a concert called “Bathrobe” in Swedish. It’s a playing with words title. Bathrobe in Swedish is Badrock. Bad is bath and rock is robe. It was a concert team that was touring in 80’s and 90’s Summers. The guy who started the idea is Björn Skifs, who got the idea from the movie “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”.
Björn and is top Swedish artists friends wanted to entertain people in their summer holiday. If you’re old enought to remember Billboard list from 1974 Björn Skifs was one of the Blue Swedes with the cover hit Hooked on a feeling.

The saxophone player in the video is Johan Stengård if you wonder who it is playing the sax solo.

I hope you will enjoy a bit Swedish music from 1987, in a magic concert place in Sweden, Borgholm castle.

This is the lyrics to the song. I google translated it after the Swedish text.

Den sjunde vågen/The seventh wave

Written by Lasse Lindbom & Marie Fredriksson

Den första vågen när du ser på mej / och i mina ögon finns ett svar
till dej
Den andra vågen doft från ditt hår / linjer jag kan följa minnen utav
Den tredje vågen finns i din hand / en våg av silver som når min
Den fjärde vågen inifrån min själ / en våg av kärlek utan svek och
Den femte vågen stormar inom mej / lust och längtan kräver mer av dej
Den sjätte vågen blir ett med dej / den sjätte vågen besegrar mej
Den sjunde vågen…
Ta det bara långsamt / som dyningarna på ett hav / Ta det bara
långsamt, långsamt / Ta det bara långsamt / världen kommer finnas kvar
/ Ta det bara långsamt, långsamt

The first wave when you look at me / and my eyes are a response
to you
The second wave scent of your hair / lines I can go out memories
The third wave is in your hand / a wave of silver that reaches my
The fourth wave inside my soul / a wave of love without deceit and
The fifth wave of storms within me / lust and longing requires more of you
The sixth wave will be a with you / the sixth wave me down
The seventh wave …
Just take it slow / as the swell of an ocean / Just take it
slow, slow / Just take it slow / world will remain
/ Just take it slowly, slowly

22 thoughts on “The seventh wave”

  1. That is a beautiful picture, Anna! I’d be tempted to jump right in, but 4°C is just a little bit cold, isn’t it.

    Liked by 1 person

            1. Terrible thing that happened back then and we still haven’t learn how to make world peace. I was only two years old when it happened so I don’t remember much of it, but I read about it many times since I learned to read.

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  2. Thank you for the translation. I recall the father of a former partner of mine had a big ‘thing’ for the Roxette singer. Don’t know if it was enough for him to buy her Swedish music though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her Swedish music and lyrics is great from 80’s and 90′. Very different from the Roxette music. In Swedish she’s more personal in the lyrics in some ways and the music is s little more singersongwriter in the 90’s music.

      Liked by 1 person

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