Force Majeure – A Swedish movie

In Trosa we have a lovely little movie club, where everyone who loves movies are welcome. In a old barn, that now is a excellent place to watch movies, Lagnö filmklubb shows great movies from all over the world.
This time we watched a Swedish movie by Ruben Östlund, Force Majeure. Mr Östlunds movies often tells a lot about us humans. When you’ve watched a movie you have to think for a while. I like that.
This movie is taking place during a skiing holiday in the Alps. A family experience some interesting life changes because of an avalanche. Or at least that triggers the family drama. It’s darkness over the family, but Mr Östlund tells the story with a lot of humour also.

For you that spots “narcs” in a fast way, you will get the picture right in the beginning of the movie. For you who is not familiar with narcissists signs, it might take a little longer to get the family situation.

It’s a movie where you can learn about life and how people react differently in situations. You can laugh or cry about it.

The Alps scenery is beautiful and it’s almost like the family gone for vacation on Mars or something. The nights are very space like. There is a little drone that plays a very fun part in this movie. I like when it crash a “party”.

Mr Östlund has done other interesting movies, but this one is the closest to comedy he get, I think. The others are darker, but still have very important issues to show us about our selves.

Read more here:

Force Majeure (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lagnö gård (Lagnö farm, Trosa Sweden)

This digital drawing is made on an early smartphone Nokia 900 🙂

Hostel Lagnö Studio

Film | STF Trosa / Lagnö Studio


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