Nature miracles, Pastel paintings


I just saw a nature program on Swedish tv from Hebrides nature where nature and mankind live side by side. They showed lovely puffins that took protection near tourists. When tourists were there to watch the puffins the crows and other birds that eat puffin eggs disappeared. 

For those of you who are in Sweden, you can watch the program here:

People in that area get that nature and mankind can cooperate and gain from that. I wish we could realize this in my area too. We need nature, but nature don’t need us.


17 thoughts on “Puffin”

  1. Beautiful colourful image. You are so right about us needing nature but nature not needing us. We as a species are so arrogant. We seem to think we have the right to plunder this planet as if we own it and abuse other creatures (when we are not busy killing and hurting our own kind). I believe one day, we will get a big shock when the earth shakes, like a big wet dog shakes itself and we will find out just how important we are as we get thrown off the planet like drops of water.


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