Nature miracles, Pastel paintings

Puffin Lunnefågel

One of my favorite birds. En av mina favoritfåglar. It was fun to do this painting with all happy colors. Det var roligt att måla denna bild med alla glada färger. I would like to see puffins in real life someday. Det vore kul att få se lunnefåglar i verkligheten någongång. Anna

Nature miracles, Pastel paintings


I just saw a nature program on Swedish tv from Hebrides nature where nature and mankind live side by side. They showed lovely puffins that took protection near tourists. When tourists were there to watch the puffins the crows and other birds that eat puffin eggs disappeared.  For those of you who are in Sweden,… Continue reading Puffin

Nature miracles, Pastel paintings, What ever


Another effort in trying to paint or draw animals. Puffins have beautiful colors and I tried to catch them on paper with my pastels crayons. Ytterligare ett försöka att måla djur. Lunnefåglar bär väldigt vackra färger, vilka jag ville försöka fånga på papper med mina pastellkritor. Anna   

Pastel paintings


Lunnefågel, pastell på färgat papper,A4-format, vinterpris 100 sek Puffin looking out over the sea from a cliff. Anna