I wish a merry merry Christmas to all of you. May you have a peaceful holiday. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but I wish you a great holiday anyway.

For me Christmas is the time for peace thinking. I don’t care about the Christmas presents, all I care about is to find peacefulness in soul and in mind. And wishing everyone on earth could think in peace terms rather than in money and territorial terms. 

We are the greatest creature on earth when we live in peace with everything aound us. We are the tiniest and sadest creatures in the universe when we fight against each other and destroy Mother Nature. Why do we act like it’s the other way around?

Ha! Because we are the stupidest creature on earth of course 😉

But back to Christmas. Celebrate the holiday as you want to celebrate it. Not how other wants you to celebrate Christmas. Cut away the must do thing, don’t live up to expectations, just do the Christmas the way you want to. That’s the best gift you can give yourself and others. 

So, merry Christmas to you all weather you celebrate the holiday or not. I send you some peace and caring with my mind to ya all 😉