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Strange bird – främmande fågel

Do you know this bird? It’s a strange bird for Swedish east coast. But maybe it’s a common bird at your place?

I figured that with over 1600 followers around the world for this blog, maybe someone of you know the answer to my question.

The bird fly quietly in the air over the place I live by the Baltic sea now and then. It’s difficult to capture him or her on camera, but here’s one picture we managed to take.

Känner du igen denna främmande fågel? Det är ingen vanlig trut. Några har gissat på medelhavstrut, som ibland tydligen kan dyka upp även vid svenska kuster. 

Den här fågeln flyger förbi då och då där jag bor vid Östersjökusten. Den är svår att fånga på bild, men här är ett kort som vi lyckats ta i alla fall.

Med över 1600 följare världen över för denna blogg tänkte jag att någon av er vet ett bra svar på min fråga.



19 thoughts on “Strange bird – främmande fågel”

  1. I cannot identify it from those pictures unfortunately – it is always difficult to capture a bird in flight and get a really clear picture. I would say that it is probably a gull or tern of some sort.

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  2. It looks like one of the really big Sea Gulls we get on our beaches here in Suffolk UK. They are very bold and will swoop down on people to steal food if they are walking along eating fish and chips.

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    1. Oh, I googled big seagulls and they look very much like “my” bird, but the beak is a bit different. But maybe there’s variations only.


    1. I think that’s very close. I’m concerned about the beak though. “My” bird seems to have a rather thin and short beak compared to many seagull birds. Hmm…. Thanks for trying to help me 🙂

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