My power bank :)

Morning calmness at the Baltic sea near my home.

Bokö-Askö nature reserve, Baltic sea. Also near my home.

This is an excellent power bank and I hope this wonderful nature will stay here forever.

I saw the white tailed eagle several times over the tree tops. Didn’t catch it on camera though. The eagle was to fast for me.

I always get new energy when I’m in this place 🙂


Storspigg och tångsnälla

Storspigg och tångsnälla

Nu går det att se färggranna spigghanar i vattnet. De liksom klär upp sig för spigghonorna för att imponera. Har du tur och skarpa ögon kan du även få syn på tångsnällan som görna gömmer sig bland vattenväxterna.

Now it’s time for the male three-spined stickleback to impress the females by turning blue and red in their skin. If you have sharp eyes you can be lucky to see a broadnosed pipefish too in the sea.

I did a drawing last year of what I saw in the water this time of year.


Askölab June 17 2017

Once a year the Askö laboratory in Trosa archipelago open for the public.

The place is part of Baltic sea center. Marine biology research is going on constantly out there.

You can read about the Baltic sea weed research at the blog Balticseaweed/Tångbloggen.

At you can read about the day at Askölab.

It was a wonderful day and so exciting to sea all the different animals living in the sea.

I made a drawing of the day 🙂


And here’s a photo. You can see more photos at

Strange bird – främmande fågel

Do you know this bird? It’s a strange bird for Swedish east coast. But maybe it’s a common bird at your place?

I figured that with over 1600 followers around the world for this blog, maybe someone of you know the answer to my question.

The bird fly quietly in the air over the place I live by the Baltic sea now and then. It’s difficult to capture him or her on camera, but here’s one picture we managed to take.

Känner du igen denna främmande fågel? Det är ingen vanlig trut. Några har gissat på medelhavstrut, som ibland tydligen kan dyka upp även vid svenska kuster. 

Den här fågeln flyger förbi då och då där jag bor vid Östersjökusten. Den är svår att fånga på bild, men här är ett kort som vi lyckats ta i alla fall.

Med över 1600 följare världen över för denna blogg tänkte jag att någon av er vet ett bra svar på min fråga.


Sunday wp pub – subject Home

Welcome to my p pub. It’s open around the clock and not just Sundays, so feel free to stop by whenever your around this block.

This time I think about Home. What is home to you? Is it a place, a feeling, a family, friends or something else you feel like Home with?

I haven’t figure that out for myself yet. When I’m close to Baltic sea I have a home feeling. But home is also family and friends wherever I am with them. When I draw or paint I also feel like I really belong there. It’s a home too. So what is home really?

Feel free to order what you want from the bar and put on your favourite music. You can do all this by entering the comments section. If you want to play music you paste a full youtube link (not a short link) in the comment and the video will appear in the comment.

Have a lovely time! I will be here now and then. I’m still up today, but it will be early bedtime for me. Early work start tomorrow. 


Swedish Archipelago 

Andys post about the Archipelago between Finland and Sweden made me think of the Swedish writer Hjalmar Söderberg who wrote a different description of the Archipelago. From the excellent novel Doctor Glas.

It goes like this in Swedish:

“Jag tycker inte så mycket om varken bekanta eller villor eller skärgården. Framför allt inte skärgården. Ett landskap hackat till kalops. Små holmar, små vatten, små bergknallar och små mariga träd. Ett blekt och fattigt landskap, kallt i färgen, mest grått och blått, och likväl inte fattigt nog att äga ödslighetens storhet. När jag hör människor berömma skärgårdens vackra natur misstänker jag alltid att de har helt andra saker i tankarna, och vid närmare undersökning visar det sig nästan alltid att misstanken bekräftas. Den ena tänker på den friska luften och de sköna baden, den andra på sin segelbåt och den tredje på abborrarna, och allt detta går för dem under rubriken vacker natur.”(Hjalmar Söderberg, Doktor Glas)

You can find the book here:

And in English (google translated)

I do not know much about either acquaintances or villas, or the archipelago. Especially not the archipelago. A landscape hacked to beef stew. Small islands, small water, small hillocks and small stunted trees. A pale and poor landscape, cold in color, mostly gray and blue, and yet not poor enough to own desolation greatness. When I hear people praise the archipelago’s beautiful nature, I suspect always that they have totally different things in mind, and on closer examination it turns out almost always the suspicion is confirmed. One thinks of the fresh air and the beauty of the baths, the other on his sailboat and the third on the perch, and all this going for them under the heading of natural beauty (Hjalmar Söderberg, Doctor Glas)

You can find the book in English here:

And in Spanish (google translated)

No sé mucho acerca de cualquiera de los conocidos o casas de campo, o el archipiélago. En especial, no archipiélago. Un paisaje cortado en estofado de ternera. Las islas pequeñas, agua pequeña, pequeñas lomas y pequeños árboles achaparrados. Un paisaje pálido y pobres, frío en el color, en su mayoría de color gris y azul, y sin embargo no lo suficientemente pobres para poseer la grandeza desolación. Cuando escucho a la gente elogia la hermosa naturaleza del archipiélago, siempre sospecho que tienen cosas totalmente diferentes en mente, y un examen más minucioso resulta que casi siempre se confirma la sospecha. Uno piensa en el aire fresco y la belleza de los baños y la otra en su velero y el tercero en la percha, y todo esto a su favor en concepto de belleza natural

You can find the book in Spanish here:
Me, I love the Swedish Archipelago 🙂


Baltic sea as an aquarium

I live by the Baltic sea and to watch the water is exciting.

At Askö Laboratory Day this year, we learned how to discover little fishes homes in the water. If you watch them for a while you will find out were they building their homes. We also learned that the ninespine stickleback fishguys get blue and red when they search for fishwomen.

We could also watch broadnosed pipefishes and many other little creatures in the sea.

I really like that open house day at Askö lab. There is so much to learn about marine nature.

You can read Tångbloggen or Baltic sea weed if you want to read more about what’s happening in our waters.

I watched the water at my place the other day and I found the red/blue little fishes and a broadnosed pipefish. I felt so lucky to get the chance of watching the amazing sealife so up close.

I did a drawing, but look at this 🙂


Pictures From The Stockholm Archipelago

Check this post out! Our wp friend Thomas visiting Sweden. Stockholm archipelago is almost like Trosa archipelago. More boats, buildings and people in Stockholm. But to watch the pictures in the post is like watching my home area. Please leave comments in the original post/Anna



This is the first in what will be a series of posts about Sweden, where I am currently on holiday. If you enjoy this post I recommend that you make Anna’s blog your next port of call.


Although I have only been in Sweden since Friday night, I already have a huge number of stunning pictures to share. For this first part of my stay I have been in the company of a cousin and his Swedish fiancee Ida. My cousin met me at Stockholm central bus station (Skavsta airport, where my flight landed is too far out of town for him to meet me there, so I got the Flygbussarna into town on Friday night. On Saturday we travelled to an island that has been owned by Ida’s family for some time. This journey entailed a bus to Stavsnas, a boat out to the…

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Walpurgis Night

When I was a kid, growing up in my little town Trosa the Walpurgis night was an adventure.

On top of our “mountains” the Trosa alpes the City inhabitants lighted a fire as a tradition for many many years. Way back in time when our town was a fishermen community there was an unwritten law for boats. If a boat wasn’t launched before last of April, the boats would end up on the Walpurgis fire. 

In memory of that tradition the people who arranged the fires when I was a kid always found an old boat to put on the fire.

The view from the Trosa alpes are beautiful. You see Trosa harbor and also very much of the town if you turn 360 standing there.

People still celebrate Walpurgis night here in Trosa, but not at this spot anymore. It’s a little sad, but times changes.