Trosa roofs

We had a lovely sunny day in Trosa Sweden today.

Cold morning and then some sun melting the frost away.

I’m always amazed by nature art making. Just look at the perfect pattern in the frost.

When the sun came the oldest parts of Trosa town looked like this

Lots of red tree houses with red roofs. Some of them go back to 1800 century. Not much left from the time before 1700 century. The russians burned the town down in the 1700 century. Not a fun time in Trosa history, but some of the russians actually stayed outside Trosa town and we still call that place Russia because there was some russians who lived  there.  That’s the story, but if it’s true or not I don’t know.

And no, I don’t think it was all the russians fault that they burned many cities along Swedish east coast down at that time. I think our vikings and war kings made it happen when they payed visits in the east. Swedes were not always nice back then as we are today, hehe. At least I hope we are nice people nowadays 🙂



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