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End of October in Trosa

This is Trosa Sweden around 16:00 a Sunday in October. Street lights already on. Almost no boats left in the little river. Only two kayaks. It's still kayak weather if you have the right safety clothes on. Today it's very windy and cold. We're heading to the w season I think. But still nothing of… Continue reading End of October in Trosa

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Oh no, the Waxwings arrives 

They are beautiful birds with lovely sounds, but when they arrive the cold season also soon arrives here in my parts of Sweden. We still have fairly warm weather for the month of October, but now I fear we are getting colder weather soon. Brrrr! The upside of that is that more winter birds arrives… Continue reading Oh no, the Waxwings arrives 

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Fun with pine cones

If you have a few of these You can do this And believe it or not, but they actually work just as real flowers They shut down if it's cold and rainy. When the sun comes back they open up again Anna

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Not a fun thing about snow

Woke up to this in the early morning Snowy landscape is back. But it's wet snow in plus 2 degree C weather so it won't last long. Have a great Friday all of you.  Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Trosa roofs

We had a lovely sunny day in Trosa Sweden today. Cold morning and then some sun melting the frost away. I'm always amazed by nature art making. Just look at the perfect pattern in the frost. When the sun came the oldest parts of Trosa town looked like this Lots of red tree houses with… Continue reading Trosa roofs

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Trosa a winter morning

Sorry for not being around here at wp lately. Shoveling snow takes all my time, it seems. I hope I will be back soon. I miss you all. Anna

Photographs, Trosa is the place

Brrr it’s cold again

Our plus degree C weather disappeared over a night and I woke up to this. And this. Sun managed to spread some light today. Down Trosa river you can see a tiny little bit of the Christmas market on the bridge. So this is what a winter Sunday looks like in Trosa Sweden 🙂 Anna

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Between Fall and Winter

We're not the only ones being surprised by the winter. At least we can stay indoors and stay warm. That's not the case for marigolds. Anna

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Early morning at Trosa river

Woke up and looked out the window. White ground, dark skies.  Beautiful but cold and I so wished it was a day off so I could go back to bed, but it was workday and it turned out to be a nice day despite the weather. Anna

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Darkness falls across the land

November in Sweden means dark days.  This is morning in My town Trosa The sun don't get much higher than this over the horizon before lunchtime In the middle of the day it look like this in Trosa archipelago  The small future Christmas trees looked like this today That white stuff aren't supposed to be… Continue reading Darkness falls across the land

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Nooooooooooooo, not yet!!!!!!!

When I was younger I though this day was the best day no matter when the day came. But back then this day ment more fun and not like today, a sign of a difficult season with lots of extra outdoor work. Do you know what I'm talking about? Exactly! It started of almost invisible,… Continue reading Nooooooooooooo, not yet!!!!!!!

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Trosa at 15:00 in January

 Darkness is about to coming in, the daylight is almost all gone     Trosa river and some mallards. They stay in the water all winter. Well fed by those who walks along the river. Maybe it's more lika a creek or a very small river. It's not a canal though, canals are built, rivers and… Continue reading Trosa at 15:00 in January

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Snowy Trosa

There's white flings coming down from the sky today. Second time this season and first time this year. I want Spring instead, but January and February is often snow months. Anna       Snowy Trosa Sweden

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Trosa Sweden in -7,9C/17,78F

Trosa Sweden around 8 o'clock in the morning with -7,9C/17,78F with a crappy ipad camera, sorry for that 🙂                      What does your town look like this time of the year?  Make a post on your blog and leave a link in the comment if you like 🙂 It… Continue reading Trosa Sweden in -7,9C/17,78F