We’re over 1700 followers of this blog now!

Don’t ask me how that happened. I’m just here making post about my art, nature miracles and saving Trosa nature. Well I do some interacting with you my blogger friends too and I think that’s the key for you finding my blog.

The previous followers milestones I had set up meet & greet sessions. But lets try a different kind of meet & greet. 

Everyone of us (I think) get a smile on our face when we discover a new follower of our blog. Lets make each other happy by finding a blog we don’t already follow and give that blog a new follower. I think we all have a pretty good chance of getting a follow back from that blogger. 

How do you find new blogs to follow?

Well, in wp app you can find them like this

Click further on the blogs that leave likes on your blog. You find them in the notifications.


In you reader, you can chose Discover and find new blogs.

Or if you already have gained some followers

You can check your new followers out by clicking further and find out more about their blogs.

Good luck with finding new blogs to follow. As you see I have some new followers to check up. Maybe they have awesome blogs.

If you want to tell us about good blogs, you can leave a link in the comments.