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Leopard slug Leopardsnigel

Look what I found in my garden one morning 🙂

It’s a Leopard slug.

Ugh….slugs, you may think, but these slugs we should like. They win over the Spanish slug. In Sweden Spanish slugs eat entire gardens, or at least it feels like that when we see them invade 🙂

Leopardsnigeln äter mördarsniglar

So when you know that, maybe you can see the leopard slug in a different light?


19 thoughts on “Leopard slug Leopardsnigel”

    1. I think so too. This summer I haven’t seen the little fellow that much. No rain here all summer makes not so much slugs. But now we have some small rains now and then, so one morning there the slug was 🙂

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      1. We had too much rain this year so we have quite a lot of slugs all over the place.
        I really like snigel for slugs. Sounds so much nicer 🙂

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          1. 😀 Snäcka is easy to remember. We call them Schnecke. But we only have this one word for both snigel and snäcka.

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            1. Oh great! I am looking forward to snäckor photos. Hmmmm make me think. I should have some myself 🙂
              I’ve been taking so many pictures recently that I forget about them.
              Thank you for reminding me with your snäcka and snäckor and snigel photos 🙂

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