One of my Swedish blog friends, Anna at intefangordetdet made me aware of that not everyone of us knows how to link to another blog. 

So I’m trying to explain how I do it. Maybe there’s better ways to do it. And if you know how, please tell the rest of us. By leaving a comment or make your own how to link post and leave that link in the comments.

First find out the link address you want to use. I read blogs through wp app. I do like this from there:

I open the post in the browser, safari or any other browser you use is fine.

Then I press the field where the webb address is showing. The copy/paste buttons appears and I press copy. I then get the link address
The copy of the link doesn’t show anywhere but it is there in between commandos.

After copying the linkaddress I go back to wp app and create a post. I mark the words I want to connect with a link. And then I press the link symbol.

I then paste the link address I copied into the url space and then I press the paste button.

After that I finish my post writing and press publish when I’m ready.

I hope this can help you a bit. As Danny always says “Sharing is caring”. By using linkbacks to other blogs you help other bloggers to get new readers and your linkback will show up in their comments field, so you will be visible on another blog and you get the chance to find new readers. A win win situation 🙂

Happy blogging!