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How to link to another blog

 One of my Swedish blog friends, Anna at intefangordetdet made me aware of that not everyone of us knows how to link to another blog.  So I'm trying to explain how I do it. Maybe there's better ways to do it. And if you know how, please tell the rest of us. By leaving… Continue reading How to link to another blog


Who are you? Part 1

Have you checked your profile settings at any time since you started your blog? If you want people to find your blog it's important to have profile settings that works. We are what we blog. If you want to get to know a blogger you start reading the bloggers blog. Often you find new blogs… Continue reading Who are you? Part 1

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Benjii1993 where are you?

In the notifications I see all likes of a post. If I click further I can get to your blogs and read your posts. But if you have the wrong url-address in your profile settings I can't find you. Like Benjii1993. He had a lovely blog with lots of Norway pictures and nice stories about… Continue reading Benjii1993 where are you?