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New Swedish ultra backyard record 2017

Leslie suggested that I should do a drawing of the brave and strong runners in TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard. I don’t know the result yet, but the race reached a new Swedish ultra backyard record, 31 laps! That’s 31 hours running.

I did a quick sketch of an idea for a drawing

I hope I find time to do this sketch to a real drawing. I want to illustrate the many numbers of laps and people participating in different way and the change during the race. First there’s lots of runners and at the end there’s only one left, but I think the others will stay around cheering for those who are still in the race. I also wanna illustrate how tired therunners  must be after hunderty billions of kilometers constantly running.

Thanks Leslie for the brilliant idea to make a drawing of this race.



9 thoughts on “New Swedish ultra backyard record 2017”

    1. 33 laps says the final score. That’s 33 hours! I can think of many other things to do but running for 33 hours. “Pling”


  1. Great sketch, Anna. It really captures the frenetic energy of a race. 31 hours is incredible. I’m looking toward to seeing what you do with your idea.

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