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Which future do you wanna give the next generation?

English text follows after the Swedish.

Vilket alternativ vi helst väljer framstår nog som självklart för många av oss, men i Trosa agerar politikerna som om klimatåtagandena inte gäller dem. De tror på fullt allvar att de fortfarande 2017 kan bygga en ny stor väg som ÖKAR utsläppen och dessutom medverka till att avskoga stora områden naturmark, som idag skyddar oss från klimatförändringarna. De tror på fullt allvar att kraftigt minskade naturytor och ökad biltrafik kan göra våra liv bättre! Tror ni också det?

Om inte och om ni vill delta i ett försök att få politikerna att börja tänka 2000-talstankar igen får ni gärna höra av er till så berättar vi mer om hur vi försöker påverka vår gemensamma framtid till att bli en utsläppsfri framtid. Vi tror inte att en förbifart och en kraftig exploatering av Tureholmshalvön gör Trosas framtid utsläppsfri!
The choice maybe seems obvious, but in many places we still act like global warming and increasing pollution is nothing real. Let me tell you something you already know. It is real and it’s our generation that have to do something about it now, not tomorrow!

In my town we’re fighting for saving Trosa nature. Our politicians actually believe that a new big road and big decreasing of grand nature will make our lives better in the future! Yes it’s true. Maybe they haven’t been around that much this century, maybe they don’t know about the Paris agreement. I can honestly say I don’t know how they think.

They seems to think that increasing pollution and not saving nature is a good thing. I simply don’t get what is so hard to understand when it comes to global warming. How many more icebergs has to go south before we get it? How many glaciers has to melt, how many white alps has to go grey, how many earthquakes, thunderstorms and lack of fresh water more do the planet have to give us before we get it?

I don’t get what is so hard to understand, that’s all.


14 thoughts on “Which future do you wanna give the next generation?”

    1. Exactly! We don’t have planet B. But I read they’ve found a planet that might contains life. I hope they don’t find life there in the future. Then they think they can destroy this planet and reach planet B!

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  1. I don’t understand it either. Risking the health of the planet and future generations’ ability to sustain their life upon it, all for the simple reason of greed. It really is irresponsible and frustrating. I’ll just keep doing my part to best of my abilities, and hope many others do too. 😃


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