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Don’t grow your blog!

At the post Danny’s World: A Common Question
I have a conversation with Danny about the negative effects of growing a blog.

So I decided to do a post about not growing a blog. You can read a hunderty billions of post about how to grow your blog but not a single one of how to NOT grow your blog.

At first that can be tempting. To grow a blog by trying to increase the number of followers in the many numbers of ways to do that.

It is a wow feeling to see more and more people follow your blog. It’s a giggling experience to see how the number of comments increasing and the content of the comments is always exciting to read. When it comes to reading the stats you get even more excited. The big numbers that you never could imaging when you started suddenly show up as real numbers.

But, there’s a big but about growing a blog. The time issue. If you have unlimited time available the blog growing is not a problem. But if you don’t have all the time in the world the growing of a blog can mean some losses.

You won’t have the time to read other blogs as much as you maybe used to do in the beginning. When my blog was smaller I had time to check up on you far more often than today. I kind of miss that.

But, there’s a big but again. I don’t wanna loose any reader of my blog by ignore answer comments not post often and that way make more time for reading blogs.

I’m not to feel sorry for. I just wanna tell you that a small blog can be a brilliant way to blog when you have limited time and want to read other blogs often. So be proud of your small blogs if you have that kind of blog and think twice before you try to grow it fast.

In time your blog will grow naturally or not. It’s all about how you interact with other bloggers. I think the fun part of blogging is the communication with people around the world. It’s not about how many followers or how many views you have in the stats.

It’s about interacting with everyone around the world and exchange of experiences that blogging is all about for me. You give me inspiration and support to continue to making art that matters to other people than only myself. Thank you!

Here’s some drawings during my time as a blogger that readers and followers has inspired.

If you remember a blogger named Melanie from somewhere in U.S., this was the first drawing I made out of a comment from a reader. That was Melanie’s comment. Her well written posts made me do a lot of drawings back when she was around here at wp.

Bjgaulton writes wonderful short poems and one of them inspired this drawing 

The famous OM inspired to a drawing

You all inspired this drawing

Melanie again when she told us about her turtle mode

Jim the “pling” man

Several readers about how they think of my country Sweden.

So you are all inspiration sources 🙂



18 thoughts on “Don’t grow your blog!”

  1. True to a point..
    but it all depends on why you are blogging and what you wanting to achieve..,
    And what kind of audience you are expecting..

    For example.. I have a little diversity of blog posts.. and for every subject I attract a different set of audience…

    So you will find everyone is about something different…

    So you have to go accordingly to your expectations…

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  2. I like to keep it personal and the bigger it gets the less time I have to read the words of people that I care about so I hope my blog stays relatively small. But I also keep track, regardless, of the people who initially followed me and I keep up with as many blogs as I can

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  3. I was busy managing a large website in 1994 when a friend asked me “where is your blog?”. My articles were already on the website so I decided to create a blog from my daily journals. Those journals were started when I was 14. It turned out to be a humorous look at my life with lots of photos. People love pictures, art and photos is the one thing I learned. You’re right on the money Anna 🙂

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