Happy new blogging year :)

I’ve been here on wp since 2012 and this is my journey from then until now.

Jag har hängt här på wp sedan 2012 och här följer min blogghistoria från då till nu.

First I was afraid, I was petrified…

Första årets närvaro här framkallade i det närmaste rädsla och skräck

I used the blog platform only as a showroom for my art. As you see, no likes, almost no comments and compared to my views stats today very few views and visitors.

Jag använde bloggen enbart som showroom för min konst. Som ni ser, inga likes, nästan inga kommentarer och ganska få visningar jämfört med dagens statistik för min blogg.

My blog didn’t reach out very far either. Mostly Sweden visits/views. 

Min blogg nådde inte särskilt långt ut i världen när det gäller visningar och besök.

It didn’t get much better the next year 2013, but you can see some improvements in stats. 

Nästkommande år visade upp små förbättringar i statistiken.

I got likes and comments! That was fun, but still scary. I didn’t really know what to do with   comments. Was I supposed to answer them or just let them be?

Det året dök det upp kommentarer och gilla-markeringar på bloggen. Kommentarer skrämde mig fortfarande. Skulle jag besvara dem eller låta dem bara stå där?

Fortfarande toppade Sverige flagglistan.

Sweden still was in the top of the flaglist.

The third year I started to get something about blogging, but I still didn’t get the idea of interacting.

Tredje året började jag fatta lite mer av bloggandet men jag fattade fortfarande inte att interaktionen med andra bloggare kunde öppna upp helt nya dimensioner av bloggandet.

I was glad for the increasing stats. I didn’t know it was possible to get even higher numbers than this.

Jag tyckte dessa siffror i statistiken var enorma för min lilla blogg. Jag fattade inte att det gick att få ännu högre siffror.

Sweden was still on top of the flaglist but more countries showed up in the flaglist. I was on something the end of this year.

Sverige höll fortfarande topplaceringen i flagglistan, men fler länder dök upp på listan det året. Jag hade komit något på spåren i slutet av det året.

I discovered the interacting!

Jag upptäckte interaktionen!

Just look att the booming stats. I got,what I felt, millions of likes, comments and views.

Kolla statistikhöjningen. Jag fick miljoner gilla, kommentarer och visningar, kändes det som.

The flaglist looked totally different that year. My blog had traveled out in the world.

Flagglistan hade förändrat utseende. Min blogg nådde ut world wide.

Was this possible to to top?

Gick det att toppa detta år?

Yes it did. By interact a little bit more.

Ja då, det gick genom att interagera lite till.

Det året hade flagglistan ca 100 länder totalt.

About 100 countries showed up in the flaglist.

Was that possible to increase?

Gick det att nå ut till ännu fler länder?

Yes it did. The total flaglist shows 146 countries for 2017 blog year.

Jäpp. Flagglistan för 2017 innehåller 146 olika länder, som besökt bloggen.

What do I want to say about this stats journey?

Vad vill jag säga med denna statistikresa?

Vi börjar alla från scratch och det är vad vi själva gör som påverkar statistiken.

All of us starts from scratch and it is what we do that effects the stats.

Happy new blogging year!



This happens sometimes

When I’m not here on wp as much as I want to, this happens. From way over 100 views per day to 2 views a morning after a away-from-wp-period.

That’s totally fair. Blogging is about interacting and if you’re not active or interactive you will receive zero stats or very small stats numbers.

I know how to increase the number of views, I just have to get time to do it.

When I have the time I will do this:

1. Make a post, hopefully one that is interesting to read.

2. Make sure I answer all your comments. Please let me now if you never get an answer, then your comment may have disappeared from my notifications.

3. Visit your blogs, like and also leave comments if I thonk I have something to say.

4. After a day or two I check stats and see that the number of views increased.

Then I start all over again.

When I only do one or two thing on the list I don’t get so much better stats. It’s when I do all four things I get fun stats numbers.

But the number is not what I’m here on wp for. It’s all of you. Meeting you in the comments are the upside of blogging. I learn so much from you. Thank you!


We are now over…

…2000 followers of this blog

That’s fantasy numbers for me. It’s all your doing. By sharing my posts, comment and like my posts and interact in every other way in the blogginf sphere you made those numbers. I’m not on any other social media, so it’s your sharing and interacting that draw new readers and followers to this blog. I just write the posts and try to interact with you as often as I can. It’s time consuming but very fun and delightful. Thank you all for being here 🙂

You are all stars in the blogging universe 

How did you find my blog and how do we find your blog? 

Leave your link in the comments if you want new readers to your blog 🙂


How do I find you? 

Have you ever wondered how people find your blog?

I can tell you that most of the visitors on my blog comes from wp reader. You probably use the wordpress app on your digital device or use wordpress on your computer. If you find my blog posts in your reader, the stats says x views comes from wp reader.

If you happen to find my posts through reblogs the stats says from which blog. If someone has shared a link on fb the stats says fb sent visitors over to my blog if they click the link on the fb post.

If you read my blog through your browser the stats only shows views and visitors numbers.

Here’s a normal week stats

Here’s a boom! week where one of my Save Trosa nature friends did several linkbacks from a fb page

So, how do I find your blogs?

Very often I go there by clicking further on the notifications. I know, it’s a lottery for you to get the chance that I click further on your notification. If I see the notification when you liked a post and I have time to read blogs, you might get a visit from me. But if I don’t have time reading blogs after I posted the chance is big that the first numbers of likes go under the visible list before I can click further.

But if I post often you get new chances to be visible in the notifications and new chances for me to click further to get to your blog.

If you leave a comment on my blog or I leave a comment on your blog and you press like button on the comment, you get a bigger visibility in the notifications. Very often you are alone on such notification or share it with one or two others.

If I have enough time (when ever that happens???????) I go to my reader and check out new post from blogs I follow or blogs I don’t have yet discovered.

You maybe find my blog when I press like, leave a comment or two or press like button on comments. I probably show up in your notifications and you womder who on earth is this. Your curiosity takes over and you have to check out the blog I have 😉


I haven’t figured out why it says follow and follows (in Swedish följ och följer). I have pressed follow on almost every blog I had the chance to visit. I press that again and again on some blogs but it still says I’m not following. That’s weird.



What’s your favourite milestone?

We’re now way over 1900 followers of this blog. We will probably reach 2000 too very soon.

The followers increase by a hundred each month if I’m interacting well. I can’t just leave the blog or you and believe that curve will continue up. I have to post, answering comments and visit your blogs and leave comment over there for this increase journey to continue.

It’s so fun meeting you all here and at your own blogs. I learn new things everyday. It feels like I’m traveling all over the world. 

What’s your favourite milestone?

I remember when I reached 100 followers. I didn’t think that was possible to reach for me. But it was!


Andy and Anna peace movement?

A comments thread that maybe went wild?

You can read the post and the comments to get a picture of what happened. Here’s the link.


This is the comments that made me create an image in my head

And here’s the drawing 😉

Thanks Andy for the inspiration to the drawing!


Don’t grow your blog!

At the post Danny’s World: A Common Question
I have a conversation with Danny about the negative effects of growing a blog.

So I decided to do a post about not growing a blog. You can read a hunderty billions of post about how to grow your blog but not a single one of how to NOT grow your blog.

At first that can be tempting. To grow a blog by trying to increase the number of followers in the many numbers of ways to do that.

It is a wow feeling to see more and more people follow your blog. It’s a giggling experience to see how the number of comments increasing and the content of the comments is always exciting to read. When it comes to reading the stats you get even more excited. The big numbers that you never could imaging when you started suddenly show up as real numbers.

But, there’s a big but about growing a blog. The time issue. If you have unlimited time available the blog growing is not a problem. But if you don’t have all the time in the world the growing of a blog can mean some losses.

You won’t have the time to read other blogs as much as you maybe used to do in the beginning. When my blog was smaller I had time to check up on you far more often than today. I kind of miss that.

But, there’s a big but again. I don’t wanna loose any reader of my blog by ignore answer comments not post often and that way make more time for reading blogs.

I’m not to feel sorry for. I just wanna tell you that a small blog can be a brilliant way to blog when you have limited time and want to read other blogs often. So be proud of your small blogs if you have that kind of blog and think twice before you try to grow it fast.

In time your blog will grow naturally or not. It’s all about how you interact with other bloggers. I think the fun part of blogging is the communication with people around the world. It’s not about how many followers or how many views you have in the stats.

It’s about interacting with everyone around the world and exchange of experiences that blogging is all about for me. You give me inspiration and support to continue to making art that matters to other people than only myself. Thank you!

Here’s some drawings during my time as a blogger that readers and followers has inspired.

If you remember a blogger named Melanie from somewhere in U.S., this was the first drawing I made out of a comment from a reader. That was Melanie’s comment. Her well written posts made me do a lot of drawings back when she was around here at wp.

Bjgaulton writes wonderful short poems and one of them inspired this drawing 

The famous OM inspired to a drawing

You all inspired this drawing

Melanie again when she told us about her turtle mode

Jim the “pling” man

Several readers about how they think of my country Sweden.

So you are all inspiration sources 🙂


Do you have trouble with wp app?

Today I discovered (i think) why my wp app were so slow and worked bad. Lately I haven’t been able to upload some blogs without being thrown out of the app. The uploads of comments, when I wanted to read comments on your blog, take ages or the app crashes. This is very irritating and time consuming. This evening I didn’t even manage to open the app, so I erased it and downloaded the app again. 

Guess what! I get a message that the app needs iOS 10 at least but I could download an older version of the app, so I did. I have an ipad from 2011 and I intend to keep it as long as it works. But obviously my old iPad isn’t a iOS10 device. 

Why can’t digital devices still, after almost fifty years of development, not tell us what’s really wrong with them when they’re not working as they should?

I hope I found the answer to my problem with the app. I miss reading your blogs!


It’s only a number

and nothing more, but still, I think it’s unbelievable 


I’m not on any other social media, I’m only here on wp with all of you. 

I don’t think of what to write to get extra views, followers or likes.

I don’t randomly press like on thousands of blogs to get attention to my blog.

What do I do to get this number of followers?

I’m just trying to be nice to everybody and write posts about my art, what I read on other blogs, what I experience in nature and other things that pops up in my mind.

Okay, I also try to visit your blogs as often as I can, I try to leave comments when I think I have  something to say and I try to leave likes when I like your posts. I wish I had more time to visit all amazing blogs. You all show me the world. Thank you!

It’s so lovely to talk to you. When I’m not around much I miss our talks, so I will always return even if I’m away for a while.

I don’t get milestones that often anymore. That is okay, but I wish for one milestone more. The one who says “congratulations, you have now visited every blog that’s following your blog”. I wonder if I ever get that milestone.

When I started my blog I didn’t think I could get even hundred followers, or ten for that matter. But I didn’t even know the essens of blogging back then. When I learned that blogging is about interacting with other bloggers, then my stats started to grow. Nowadays the followers increase with about 100 per month. When I don’t interact that much, the stats slows down and when I get back the stats moves up again.

I don’t blog for stats. I blog for you. I want to hear from you, get you in my notifications so I can find a quick way to your blog. By liking my posts and comments you show up in the notifications in the wp app and then I see you and that reminds me of paying your blog a visit or two 😉

So my stats is actually your stats. It’s not me who increase the followers, likes, views and number of comments. It is you!

So thank you all for being here and always be so friendly. I like that, so I will be here whenever I have time for it.

Happy blogging!


Meet Emmelina

Thanks to some of the readers of this blog I now know who this is

May I present Emmelina Monodactyla 

You can read more about him or her by clicking the name above.

A nice litte creature I think.

Thanks to all of you who led me on the right track and found out who this is.


Wp app weirdness 

I have trouble with my wp app in the notifications. It’s a total mess.

Can’t tell if it’s the app or my old ipad that makes the trouble.

The notifications don’t update as it should. I can see by the lite red number circle at the icon that new things have happened on the blog, but when I enter the app notifications I only see old notifications and not the new ones.

After a while the new ones finally come up, but then much of the old answered comments are marked as unread even if I have read them and answer them. When I click the comments I can see that I answered them, but I don’t always see that, so if you got several answers on the same comments it’s my misstake. My notifications trick me to answer again by showing the notification as unread.

Gaaaahhhhh! Blogging should be smooth and easy, not constant crashes and weird notifications.

But as I said in the beginning, I don’t know for sure what causes the trouble. 

I just want you to know I struggle with my interactions with you and your blogs. So if you miss me on your blog in the likes and comments field, that can be the reason.

I won’t give up. One day I will make this work better.

Have a great weekend!


It’s spreading again

On the fb page “Mötesplats 0156” (swedish for meeting space 0156) you can se a post about my blog post “Trosa politicians -think again/Trosapolitiker – besinna er!

If your on fb and want to support Save Trosa nature movement, please visit the page and leave a like. If you don’t like the idea of Saving Trosa nature you can visit the page and leave a comment and tell us why we don’t need to save nature.

To all of you that doesn’t hang in fb (including mysel), you can stay around here and leave comments and likes here 🙂

Inlägget Trosapolitiker -besinna er… har fått spridning till fb-sidan Mötesplats 0156.

Om ni vill stötta tanken på att rädda Trosas natur och låta Trosa kommun växa hållbart får ni gärna besöka fb-sidan och lämna en kommentar och gilla inlägget. Tycker ni hållbar utveckling är en dålig ide kan ni besöka sidan ändå och berätta hur ni kommit fram till den slutsatsen.

För er som liksom jag inte hänger på fb finns möjlighet att lämna kommentarer och gilla här istället.


This started this spreading

We talk a lot

Just look at this number. 

18 000 comments!

That’s from the start a couple of years ago when I learned about interactive blogging.

If you want followers, readers amnd people who leave comments you have to do the same back. You can’t sit and wait for comments to appear on your blog. You have to get out there on other blogs, leave likes and comments on post you have something to say about. Then you will get the same in return on your blog.

But the good part about beings interactive in the blogsphere is you get to know so much nice and wise people. It’s fun with stats increasing, but it’s even more fun to talk to everyone in the comments fields.

Happy blogging!


Yes I got inspiration from Escher.

Winter walk 4 advent

Frosty rock


How does your winter walk looks like? 

Leave a link to your blog if you have a winter walk post.


Meet & Greet at 1300

The 1300 followers milestone are now behind us. Can you believe it? We are 1334 following this blog, plus some emailfollowers.

So, I keep holding meet & greet for every 100 milestone we reach.

You leave your link to your blog in the comments and tell us what your blogs about if you want. When you do that you can also read the other comments and find new blogs to visit. There’s a big chance that the bloggers you visit then find your blog if you leave likes, comments or even follow the blogs. That’s how you get your meet & greet participation to be successful.

How did I get over 1300 followers? I haven’t a clue more than when I started to interact with other bloggers then my blog got more visitors and followers. Of course I have to make new posts often to keep the view numbers up. Of course I have to stay interactive in the blog community to keep my stats up and gain new followers. And yes, I have to make post with an interesting content if I want you to keep coming back for reading new posts.

But it is really all your doing making this blog a 1300-follower blog. Your interaction make this blogplace a nice place to be, so thank you all!

One big step for my blog to be visible for many people was to change language in the settings for the blog. I found out when I set the language to Swedish my blog only got visible among Swedish wp blogs in the reader in the wp app.

My reader in wp app didn’t show anything else but Swedish blogs either. So there I was. Shutout from the big wp community. I only saw blogs in other languages if I found the blogs myself and followed them. Swedish is a tiny country when it comes to blogspheres, so I didn’t find much to read or interact with.

Jason our blog ninja man thought it had something to do with restricted area codes. Don’t ask me what that means, but…

When I set the language to English in my settings the new big blog world opened up. Then I met all of you and I could see blogs from all over the world in my app reader. You found me too!

So if you happens to live in a country with restricted area codes that makes your wp app reader only show blogs in your own language, change the settings to English and a new big world will open up for you.

You can still write in which language you want in your post, but your blog is much more visible than just in your own country.

Happy blogging and don’t forget to leave your bloglink in the comments or just say hi if you want 🙂