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December 7 2017 White stuff morning

I woke up to a white ground outside, but shortly after that the ground turned grey again.

It was shovel free snow, so it was beautiful and all good.

I don’t mind it’s not much snow yet. I like a white Christmas though, but then it can be Spring again I say 🙂

Here’s a Swedish winter song about how fun it is when it’s snowing. I liked snow as a kid. Snow ment skiing and other fun things to do outside. Someone else shoveled the snow, so we kids only had fun when snow arrived.

Do you like snow? 


9 thoughts on “December 7 2017 White stuff morning”

  1. Yes! And no! Haha… strange relationship to snow I guess. Miss it a lot but I know once I move back home I won’t be so impressed with the cold and the slippery roads. I do love a cold day with blue sky and snow…but that rarely happened in Skåne.

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