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Limiting man… not belong to one of the better ideas mankind has invented. At least not in the artistic sense, for example. Trying to tie the creative soul diminishes us immensely as people. It will always stand up and prove that the little people who are trying to bind does not have enough power to do… Continue reading Limiting man…

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White houses on green hills/Vita hus vid Skärlagsvallen

When I started to try painting with acrylic I did this painting. The colors said to me, be naivistic. And so I did. I used mainly white and green color. The view is from my childhood area. The soccer field in front, I played football and up the hill I lived in a white house.… Continue reading White houses on green hills/Vita hus vid Skärlagsvallen

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Lady and the handbag – a Swedish art movement

My Pick your fight painting is a sort of reconnection to the Swedish art movement "the handbags on statues". It all started with an artist who was going to make a statue of an angry lady with a handbag. The artist got inspiration from another artist photography of a lady with a handbag that protested… Continue reading Lady and the handbag – a Swedish art movement

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I give up for now

Today I have really bad and slow connection. When I try visiting your blogs it takes hours to get there and when I try to leave comments they disappears. I will catch up reading your post when I have better connection. Love reading them and try as often I can to get time to read.… Continue reading I give up for now

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Pick your fight

In the post: What’s bugging you? What’s eating you? | FärgaregårdsAnna many of you helped me to collect things that irritate us. Now your "complaints" is down on little notes in a paper handbag in an artwork, that I show on our Spring exhibition this weekend. Thank you all for participating in this interactive artwork.… Continue reading Pick your fight