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Walpurgis Night Valborg

Today we celebrate Walpurgis night in Sweden. Ancient tradtion as far as I know. I made a rockpainting of a fire and some singers in white student hats. This video show a very common kind of celebration. A big fire and student singers that sing songs welcoming the Spring. This is the Swedish lyrics… Continue reading Walpurgis Night Valborg

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Walpurgis night 2017

Today it's Walpurgis night and in Sweden we light fires this evening. An old tradition in my town Trosa was to burn the last boat on land by putting it on top of the walpurgis fire. Trosa is an old fishermens place and the boats should be in sea before Walpurgis night. Otherwise they risked… Continue reading Walpurgis night 2017

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Jims future workplace

Most of you know Jim, right? If not, go visit his blog and get to know him. You might have a friend for your whole bloglife if you do 🙂 One of his blogpost generated comments about his future workplace. He says they call it the cave because there will be no looking outside windows… Continue reading Jims future workplace

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No 14 drawing in my goals for 2016

One more drawing almost finished. This time the drawing is about a group of people who meet up to see a piece of wood on fire and then let it go down into water in a kettle. The wood is rare because mankind cut down all trees long time ago. Still many drawings left to… Continue reading No 14 drawing in my goals for 2016

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Walpurgis Night

When I was a kid, growing up in my little town Trosa the Walpurgis night was an adventure. On top of our "mountains" the Trosa alpes the City inhabitants lighted a fire as a tradition for many many years. Way back in time when our town was a fishermen community there was an unwritten law… Continue reading Walpurgis Night