I wish I knew…

…what the ring on the swan feet says. Where have this bird been? 

Today the swan took a nap and a food searching round in our area. I hope we will see the swan again and try capture closer pics. I wanna know what that ring says.

We have another bird wearing a ring that turn up now and then. I wish the camera had sharper eye. Where does this bird got the ring from? 

I bet both birds has lots to tell about their journeys.



Klockan är slagen/the clock is beaten

In Swedish we have an expression who says “The clock is beaten”. I don’t know how to translate that in a good way. It kind of means that time’s up. 
But in this picture time is beaten by someone whos hands are a lot bigger that the head. Think about that for a while if you want to.

If the red big hands were cut in too, there could be lobster claws, maybe.

You are all free to see what you will see in the picture.
Klockan är slagen. I den här bilden, av en figur med händer betydligt större än huvudet. Om man skär ett snitt i de röda handskarna får vi hummerklor i stället.

Ni väljer själva vad ni vill se i bilden.


Klockan är slagen/Time is beaten (500 SEK)