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The C-train

I went over to for a visit and read this post That post got to me, so I did the only thing I could think of to do to support. A drawing. If you want to say a support Hi to Thomas at, please stop by the post and just say… Continue reading The C-train

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I wish I knew…

...what the ring on the swan feet says. Where have this bird been?  Today the swan took a nap and a food searching round in our area. I hope we will see the swan again and try capture closer pics. I wanna know what that ring says. We have another bird wearing a ring that… Continue reading I wish I knew…

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No 29 drawing in my goals for 2018

The space journey continues. The memory monitor on the space ship can no longer carry the pictures from the explosions on the destroyed earth, so she explode and will no longer exist. The people on the ship wants to run away from the catastrophe but can't hold back their curiosity. So they watch the explosion… Continue reading No 29 drawing in my goals for 2018

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No 25 drawing in my goals for 2017

My drawing journey continues through space. The space ship course is undefined. They lost the steer ability and are headed to unknown destiny. They don't hurt Mother Earth anymore but they will probably never find a new home since the spaceship is broken. Some of you may notice the steering gear symbol. I wanted to… Continue reading No 25 drawing in my goals for 2017

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Goals for 2016

I read Dannys post about writing down your goals. Never Ask Someone to Do What You’re Not Willing to Do Yourself: My Blog Goals for 2016 That post made me think. I both like setting up goals and not. I like to follow my intuition and go with the feeling. But I also like… Continue reading Goals for 2016