I wish I knew…

…what the ring on the swan feet says. Where have this bird been? 

Today the swan took a nap and a food searching round in our area. I hope we will see the swan again and try capture closer pics. I wanna know what that ring says.

We have another bird wearing a ring that turn up now and then. I wish the camera had sharper eye. Where does this bird got the ring from? 

I bet both birds has lots to tell about their journeys.



No 29 drawing in my goals for 2018

The space journey continues. The memory monitor on the space ship can no longer carry the pictures from the explosions on the destroyed earth, so she explode and will no longer exist. The people on the ship wants to run away from the catastrophe but can’t hold back their curiosity. So they watch the explosion with horror and fear.

I will try to reach the goal of 103 drawings. This was no 29. It’s still an exiting drawing journey and I will carry on as long as I find images in my head when I read the Swedish poem that inspires me to do this drawings.


No 25 drawing in my goals for 2017

My drawing journey continues through space. The space ship course is undefined. They lost the steer ability and are headed to unknown destiny. They don’t hurt Mother Earth anymore but they will probably never find a new home since the spaceship is broken.

Some of you may notice the steering gear symbol. I wanted to illustrate infinity.

My inspiration to this weird drawings comes from a Swedish space epos written in the middle of the 1900 century. The poems are still very up to date, so I want to continue this drawing journey till the last word. I plan to do about 103 drawings. I’m on no 26 now. It’s still a long way to the finish drawing.


Goals for 2016

I read Dannys post about writing down your goals.
Never Ask Someone to Do What You’re Not Willing to Do Yourself: My Blog Goals for 2016 http://dreambigdreamoften.co/2015/12/19/blogging-goals/

That post made me think. I both like setting up goals and not. I like to follow my intuition and go with the feeling. But I also like structure.

When it comes to my art I try to go by intuition and I don’t plan my ideas. I get lots of ideas but I am not that good to finish them. I start and I do okay, then something else comes in the way and my ongoing project becomes not ongoing. Sometimes forever and sometimes for a while and then I restart.

Reading Dannys blog goals for 2016 made me think. How would I write my goals if I would write them down?

First my mind was blank. I never write goals down. I can think of goals and save them back in my head. But I never write them down. I was going to ignore the write down your goals advice in Dannys post.

Then I got an idea. I have one drawing project that I don’t want to only go half way with. I so want to finish that drawing journey one day. It’s about hundred drawings to make and I’ve only started with three of them. But I love working with the drawings, love to explore how to draw them and I really want to continue that work.

I don’t want a deadline for them, but I do need to remind myself to continue drawing them, constantly.
Why is that, you might wonder.

This is a project I have set up for my self and it’s a journey through space and time and deep in my mind. When I get into such projects I’m afraid of loosing contact with the real world. That’s why I hesitate to go all in at once. I do some drawing here and there and still keep in touch with reality, if you know what I mean.

One day I will tell you more about this series of drawings, but until then, can you help me with one thing?

If I in 2016 write a post about not knowing what to paint or draw, can you please remind me of this post?

My goal for 2016, besides making world peace, extinguish world poverty and make all sick people well again, is to continue drawing this:

They are not finished, so bare with me 😉