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Baby hare visits

Baby hare is still alive. He (?) payed a visit outside my window one evening again. Maybe just to show he’s alive and kicking 🙂


Baby hare July


23 thoughts on “Baby hare visits”

    1. He likes to eat clover flowers in the lawn. He does not like when it is freshly cut. Then the clover flower is gone for a few days, but they grow back up again.

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      1. that could be true and then you would have Mr. Hare his brothers, his sisters, his Mom & Dad, and thousands of his cousins. “pling”

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            1. You have to explain McGregor. That is a ship engineering company to me, but I guess that’s not what you refering to here 🙂 “pling”


            2. Thanks. How could I forgot the Beatrix Potter world. When I was a kid TV showed a film every xmas about Potters world. The film began with drawings of animals, then it got boring because the drawings turned into balett dancers dressed as bunnies. “Pling”


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