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Where do you wanna go?

Or which places do you want people to visit? This is a promote and meet&greet opportunity for you in several ways. Where do you wanna go? Do you have dream destinations you wanna share with us, then do so in the comments. Maybe you find those who have been there or also want to go… Continue reading Where do you wanna go?

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I redecorated my blog again

Today I did some blog cleaning. I changed theme and deleted some links that didn't work. Looked over menu settings and I changed header image from winter ones to more colorful image. I want Spring now, so winter pics have to wait until next winter season now. I realize I spend most time on blogging… Continue reading I redecorated my blog again

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Do I know you?

Probably not. Most likely, I don't have a clue about who most of you are, what your blogs look like, what you write, if I agree with your writing or not. But that's on my list to do when I get the time. I catch you in my reader, in my notifications and in comments… Continue reading Do I know you?

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Age a funny thing. When I see little kids playing soccer I want to be nine years old again. When I see teenager girls talk talk talk and laugh laugh laugh I definitly not want to be a teen again. When I see babies in stroller I think it would be nice being a baby… Continue reading Age

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Baby hare visits

Baby hare is still alive. He (?) payed a visit outside my window one evening again. Maybe just to show he's alive and kicking 🙂 Anna