This is a book Painting, a Library Painting. But not random books, not the usual Library. This is a very special Library.

This is our future Library.

This is all of our books, not yet written.

This is your dreams of the novel you may write in the future. The one you carry inside your head, inside your mind, inside your heart.

This is the books, still with out titles.

This is me sending inspiration to all of you wp readers and writers. One day we’re gonna fill this Library with our writing and put titels on the books.

Our WP Blogs together, is a giant Library, open for everybody, all day, all night, all morning.

Everyone can find something to read without leaving home or without being home.

Everyone can speak up about almost every post.

Everyone can encourage other writers and readers to put even more effort in the posts.

Everyone can seek comfort in lyrics, poems, storytelling and pictures at any hour of the day.

And….we don’t have to wait for someone to finish reading before we can read a story!

So, keep blogging and keep building the biggest Library ever.

Thank you all for being here 😉


Our unwritten books 🙂