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Impossible questions

How do you define impossible questions?

Is it problems you can’t solve?
Is it people you can’t understand?
Is it forever going on conflicts you can’t do nothing about?

Is it difficult mathematical issues?
Is it relations questions that never seems to stop bothering you?
Is it your past or future that never seems to still your mind?

Is it never ending baking problems?
Is it never ending planting problems?
Is it never ending weather problems?

What is an impossible question, or more likely, what is a question that never seems to find the right answer?

Omöjliga frågor

Hur definierar du omöjliga frågor?

Problem, som du inte kan lösa?
Människor, du inte kan förstå?
Eviga konflikter, som du inte kan göra något åt?

Svåra matematiska tal att lösa?
Relationsfrågor, som aldrig slutar besvära dig?
Ditt förflutna eller framtid, som aldrig verkar sluta gnaga i dig?

Ständigt misslyckade bakresultat?
Ständigt misslyckade odlingsresultat?
Ständig otur med vädret?

Hur definierar du omöjliga frågor, eller snarare omöjliga frågor, som aldrig verkar hitta rätt svar.



17 thoughts on “Impossible questions”

  1. To me, the impossible questions are the philosophical questions of life. Why are we here etc.? Since I can’t answer them, I let them go and move with the flow.

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  2. For me, the question that is impossible to answer these days is this… “How did you get so sick Melanie?” There is no rhyme or reason. My genes mutated and I got an extraordinarily rare disease.

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    1. I so wish I had an answer to that impossible question so I could find a quick cure for you.
      Keep fighting this unfair mutant monster who want’s to take over all of You. I thought trolls only worked on internet, not in human bodies! Lots of love to you 🙂

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  3. The question “who is god?” has no answer. If you were to define who you are, and be truthful, could you then define a god with the same method? Could you tell me who Zeus is? How about Hathor? Maybe Genghis Khan? Could you really tell me who they are?

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      1. You have to know a person very well to know who they are. I find it odd that so many claim to know god but none of them seem to have the same description. To me that’s telling.

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        1. I agree. I have never found a good answer to those questions and I think it’s good to still wonder about answers 🙂


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