Julaftons fyr in cardboard

We have a lighthouse in Trosa archipelago with the name “Julafton” which in English is Christmas eve.

The story says that a ship was in mayday mode near the lighthouse, but the crew manage to survive. Since then the lighthouse is called Christmas eve lighthouse.

It is one of the most photographed object in Trosa. Almost every boat that travels in Trosa archipelago passes by the lighthouse.

I’ve build the place in cardboard, just for fun. It is interesting to build things of reused cardboard and paint it.

You can try for your self and see how fun it is 😉




22 comments on “Julaftons fyr in cardboard

  1. I love that you’re making something beautiful from an item that’d otherwise be thrown out. I like your light table there too. I have a couple of light table surfaces too but that’s a nice size, portable.

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