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First Christmas weekend in Sweden

This weekend we start our countdown to Christmas. That also means the start of Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. Thomas christmas light challenge made me look for nice Christmas lights in my little town. I want to participate in that challenge, but our towns Chirstmas lights are the worst ever. I don't know how they… Continue reading First Christmas weekend in Sweden

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Trosa church in cardboard

   I've built a church! Oh well, at least a little church. I used cardboard, that I otherwise should have thrown away. With a little colors on the cardboard I made it look like a little building. It's Trosa church. You can see the real church on the little picture in the photo. I'm gonna… Continue reading Trosa church in cardboard

Reuse art, Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Trosa harbor in cardboard

      Another cardboard building. This time the buildings in Trosa harbor. It's fun building things in cardboard. You learn how the pieces match together and you lern by doing misstakes. I use cardboard that otherwise would have gone to recycling, so if I cut a piece the wrong way it isn't the end of… Continue reading Trosa harbor in cardboard

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Julaftons fyr in cardboard

      We have a lighthouse in Trosa archipelago with the name "Julafton" which in English is Christmas eve. The story says that a ship was in mayday mode near the lighthouse, but the crew manage to survive. Since then the lighthouse is called Christmas eve lighthouse. It is one of the most photographed object… Continue reading Julaftons fyr in cardboard

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Ladder of life

   Watercolors on re-used cardboard. I did the background first and then I got the idea of making a big ladder with tiny people climbing on it. What do you think? Anna