Nature miracles, Photographs

White tailed eagle – havsörn

Some days are magic in archipelago. Somliga dagar uppstår en stunds magi i skärgården. Like when you see a white tailed eagle. Som när du får se en havsörn på nära håll. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Sea is heaven on earth

I get so calm in my soul when I get out on the water. Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs

Colorful skies

Mother nature is the best artist ever. I live in paradise on earth 🙂 Anna

Challenges, drawings

Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 16-17 2018

Sweden archipelago - svensk Östersjöskärgård It's now almost dark at 4:30 in the morning. I have trouble with details. It's too dark to see them. When I'm finished around 4:50 the light has come, but then it's too late for me to correct errors.  I really like this morning drawing sessions. I recommend you try… Continue reading Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 16-17 2018

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Kayak evening – kajaker i skymning

When I was thinking it's time to sleep I saw these two kayakers out at sea the other night. När jag började tänka  på läggdagstid härom kvällen fick jag syn på dessa paddlare.  A perfect kayak evening. No big waves and nature silence. Peaceful. En perfekt kajakkväll. Spegelblankt vatten och naturens underbara tystnad. Fridfullt. Anna