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Yellow Fall

Maybe this is the last findings of yellow Fall this year. We will enter a new season soon, but it feels so good to have some Fall signs left. Have a great Sunday! Anna 

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Green tree

Very simple drawing done in a sketch program on an old phone. It was hard to see the screen in the sun, so it's not a great drawing, just a bit of fun playing with colors and different brushtypes. The grass was supposed to be green, but now I see it's almost yellow. Well it's… Continue reading Green tree

Nature miracles, Photographs


Color explosion! What can I say more than I really like tulips 😉 Anna

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Take your time

Quick drawing. Have fun! What do you think about time? Anna   

Pastel paintings, What ever

Missing painting

   This dry pastel painting only exists in my mind and on this photo.  The original painting is gone and will never come back. Sounds more dramatic than it is. I bought dry pastel crayons and I did this painting as a test. Then I tried to use fix spray to get the colors in… Continue reading Missing painting

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Colorful Trosa

Our oldest parts of my town Trosa seems to be color matched. Just look at this. The red part (and yes, it's a deer running around in the street)    The yellow part    The gray/green part    Have a nice day 🙂 Anna

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   I'm waiting for this little flower to show up in nature. It's the first flower showing up in Spring. Coltsfoots often grows in ditches at the roadside. They are yellow as the sun in childrens paintings and they look lovely. They also tell Spring is finally here! I haven't seen them yet, but I… Continue reading Waiting

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Julaftons fyr in cardboard

      We have a lighthouse in Trosa archipelago with the name "Julafton" which in English is Christmas eve. The story says that a ship was in mayday mode near the lighthouse, but the crew manage to survive. Since then the lighthouse is called Christmas eve lighthouse. It is one of the most photographed object… Continue reading Julaftons fyr in cardboard

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Autumn leaves 

Jims post about playing with leaves made me draw this image. Friday Musings Do you remember when you played in the leaves when you was a child? I remember the joy of autumn leaves. Anna   

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Gult är fult?/yellow ugliness?

In Swedish "ugly" rhymes on "yellow". It's not at all the same in English. But we say "yellow is ugly" in Swedish, as a phrase. I don't know where we got the idea from. Yellow is a beautiful color. Here's a poor yellow flower we often say we dislike, but I think it deserves to… Continue reading Gult är fult?/yellow ugliness?

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What do you see?

Found a painting that I first thought was just a way to paint with colors that I don't need for my "real" paintings, but don't want to throw away. But when I look at it now, I think it is a real painting. I'm a sea person, so I see water and the horizon, but… Continue reading What do you see?

Pastel paintings, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Yellow buildings in Trosa Sweden

    It seems like almost all of Trosas most famous buildings are yellow. That, I have never noticed before, and I have lived in this town almost all my life! This house is "Societetshuset". Today it's empty most of the time. Sometimes though, people have art exhibitions and have party there. In the former… Continue reading Yellow buildings in Trosa Sweden

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

What are you staring at?

What if flowers could talk. Maybe they do, just not in our human languages. What if they both think and talk. What do they say about us humans staring at them? Anna    Tulip from our garden 🙂

Pastel paintings, What ever

What is hot for you?

They say the temperature is going to be near 30 degrees Celcius here, that's 86 Farenheit I understand. When we get that high temprature, I think it's too warm to work and too hot to think. My brain will melt. I still have working days left before vacation time, so with hot weather it's gonna… Continue reading What is hot for you?

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Midsummer in Sweden 2015

This weekend celebrates Sweden midsummer. Originally a pagan tradition, which has survived the test of time and still celebrates the summer solstice. This year, the celebration seems to get done in the persistent rain. Anna    Crochet doll with the Swedish national costume  (I made it couple of years ago after following someones pattern)