Do you have “me days”? You should all have me days.
They’re lovely and gives you new energy and new ideas.

What’s a “me day”?

For me a “me day” is a lovely day where I do what I want, without worrying about anything else. I do things I like, paint a painting for an example, live in my mind without disturbing of other people. I think my thoughts through. Come up with new ideas. I take tea breaks and eat breaks and live in my mind all day.

There could be people around, but I don’t really let them in, I continue to spending my day in my mind. I can read, listen or work in the garden. It doesn’t really matter what I do, the main thing is to let go of the outside world and let the day be a “me day”.

I look like this those days I manage to reach the state of “me day”.


A great me day
A great me day