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Winter wonderland?

My brain seems to have gone into hibernation. I don’t know what to write in this post really. Our Swedish bears in the north skip winter that way and I can totally understand them.

Winter landscapes are beautiful, but there’s no light, lots of shoveling snow and it’s cold outside. Maybe if I could be a kid again I would like winter better. No worries about shoveling snow, difficult car drives on slippery roads, the heat bill or anything else grown up stuff. Just plain fun in the ski slope or building things in snow or, or, or….there was lots of fun stuff to do in winters when I was a kid.

I like staying in these winterdays when daytime looks like evening time. I actually try to make some art, but I’m slow. I hope I can show you the result eventually.

Have a wonderful day all of you 🙂


Trosa creek or small river maybe, half frozen.


56 thoughts on “Winter wonderland?”

  1. For me it looks almost surreal… I am sitting in Holland, the sky has almost the same colour as on your pictures, but outside it is a mixture of brown-green (garden) and grey (streets, houses). In my garden the bushes start to show little buds, and there is some strange plant that is already producing flowers! Dutch winters are almost never really hard (at least the ones I have experienced), but this one tops it so far. Not one single snow-flake, not one morning where I had to scratch the wind shield of my car. So far. Of course, you never now, and we might be still in for a cold February. But even at home (Austria) it has been a very mild winter so far.
    But I agree with you: snowy, cold winters are fun when you are a child (I remember playing outside until it got dark, then going home, wet and freezing, and warming up with warm chocolate milk…). Now snow would mean chaos on the Dutch streets, dirty slush all over….. I think I could do with some early spring!
    If I could I would send you some magic sun! 🙂 (The sun was here yesterday and I caught some in a jar… but I am not sure you can mail it…)

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    1. I too wish for an early Spring. Some birds have already arrived, so maybe they know something that we don’t know about when Spring is coming. I remember the warm chocolate milk from my childhood after the long days and evenings out in the snow too. I can send you some snow and coldness for that captured sun 🙂


  2. Looks cold! Yeah, bears have the right idea about winter. Like a lot of places, we’ve not had one snowflake this season. It’s odd, and as much as I despise cold and icy roads and dark days, it feels weird not to have some snow.

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    1. It’s coming snow. We usually have first snow in November-December, but this season it didn’t got cold and snowy until now in January. So your snow is delayed too maybe 🙂

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    1. I’m not going out in this coldness and snowness for more pics, but I can find some old winter pics, thanks for the idea! “Pling”


  3. As the sun is gone here by now somebody must have caught it. It may be on its way to you 🙂
    Days are getting longer and soon you will really notice it. And snow and cold are beautiful when the sun is shining. Just go outside with some friends for a snowball fight. Here we only can have mud fights *sigh*

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    1. You are right. It’s getting a bit lighter for everyday and when the sun’s coming it’s beautiful with the white landscape. But right now we only have clouds and cold snow. No good to build snow things with.


    1. I like green winters too, but I loved snow when I was a kid, so I can understand why kids of today think that snow is fun 🙂


  4. I am slow too, sluggish and sleeping a lot like the bears. We did take advantage of the nice weather and go sliding down some hills. It pays to have kids around, it forces us to take them outside and do more.

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    1. Muchas gracias. Espero la primavera por venir pronto 🙂
      (This answer is google translated from Swedish to Spanish, I hope google got it right 🙂 )


  5. Hi Anna – will be using the second picture for a gallery of ‘weather’ pictures I am building – It is scorching hot and stormy here in Maroubra Australia

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    1. Australia. We call your part of the world “down under” what do you call ours in the Scandinavia? Of course you can borrow the picture in my post. Just mention where you found it 🙂


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