My brain seems to have gone into hibernation. I don’t know what to write in this post really. Our Swedish bears in the north skip winter that way and I can totally understand them.

Winter landscapes are beautiful, but there’s no light, lots of shoveling snow and it’s cold outside. Maybe if I could be a kid again I would like winter better. No worries about shoveling snow, difficult car drives on slippery roads, the heat bill or anything else grown up stuff. Just plain fun in the ski slope or building things in snow or, or, or….there was lots of fun stuff to do in winters when I was a kid.

I like staying in these winterdays when daytime looks like evening time. I actually try to make some art, but I’m slow. I hope I can show you the result eventually.

Have a wonderful day all of you 🙂


Trosa creek or small river maybe, half frozen.