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Your life as a widget list

How do you list your priorities in your daily life?

Is it always the must do things first and the fun stuff last?

Or do you organize your life as a widget list?

When you build your blog you have widget options. If you check out the blogs you read, you often see a sidebar or a footer where you can click on top ten posts, recent posts, links and other interesting stuff. In the end of those widget lists comes the basic widgets like meta, login, archives and other boring basics.

I don’t think I have ever seen a widget sidebar or footer with the boring stuff first and the fun stuff below that.

But our daily life lists often look like that, am I right?

We often think we need to do the basic must do things first and after that we could allow ourselves to do something fun.

That’s ok if you got time and energy for the whole list, but how often do we have that?

Somedays I turn my daily list up side down and do the fun stuff first. And I tell you, magic happens. My fun time (often artmaking) gives me new energy and also inspiration to do the must do things. They don’t seems as boring as they do when they’re on top of the list.

You should try to organize your life as a widget list sometime. Let us know how it goes!


Trosa river in February morning

37 thoughts on “Your life as a widget list”

  1. I’ve been messing around with it ever since I learned how to sticky post via my Cyanotype theme. It’s cool how easy it is to add awesome features to blogs!

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  2. Ha! I really should have a serious talk with my boss 🙂
    But honestly: Whenever I have the chance to do fun things first I put the chores to the end of the list. Chances they run away are small 😉

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  3. I am not good with lists, I just go about my day, doing what is necessary and what is fun as it happens. Lovely post..enjoyed.

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  4. If one wants to become a master of prioritizing, get a cat or get two. They know what is important to them and take it to an art form! 🙂 xx

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  5. Get up. Breathe. Eat food. Get cleaned up, sparkly and smelling good. Pet the cats (feed them too). Be nice to strangers and try to get along with who I work with. Be thankful for what I have. Remember that the problems that I have right now won’t matter to a hill of beans 6 months from now. Post to WP. Send Miss Anna some “plings”. be nice to other WP users. Get plenty of rest.

    Yeh, there’s my priorities. the rest is just something that I tolerate for the moment.

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