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First Christmas weekend in Sweden

This weekend we start our countdown to Christmas. That also means the start of Christmas decorations and Christmas lights.

Thomas christmas light challenge made me look for nice Christmas lights in my little town. I want to participate in that challenge, but

our towns Chirstmas lights are the worst ever. I don’t know how they think or opif they are totally blind. On the tourist center in Trosa square theres a light setting with a terrible cold color at the lights that doesn’t at all matches the warm yellowish lights on the other houses around that building. I the tress there’s a third color on some lights that shows a bluewhite also coldish color that doesn’t match any of the other lights. On the ground we have light decorations too in a fourth white color. Nope, they don’t match either.

It’s sad because our little square area used to be such an idyllic place at Christmas and now it’s just a Christmas lights chaos with no Christmas feeling in it at all!

I think I will do a painting out of a memory or fantasy about beautiful Trosa Christmas.

I’ll get back with that if I make a painting.

This Sunday we have Christmas market in Trosa, that’s a nice thing. Many homemade products to eat, stay warm or buy as Christmas gifts. Many nice people to meet and also get the chance to donate little or big swedish crowns to good causes. 

Found a nice Christmas lights picture from last year. From Trosa city hotel, a very nice place to eat and also stay at. I have only eaten there, but I dare to say that it’s probably a nice hotel too, not just good food.

Last year I did the building in used cardboard. 

It’s fun building things in old cardboard. You should try it!


20 thoughts on “First Christmas weekend in Sweden”

    1. Not here. We have so dark nights and very short days, so many of our neighbors already have the lights up. It’s on Sunday it starts, but it is already Christmas decorations at many houses.

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    1. Thanks. Wish you good luck with your Christmas lights. That’ll be my tomorrow doing. Put up some advent things inside and Christmas lights outdoor.


  1. have have my poinsettia in the window and it’s doing well. take some pics of your Christmas market. I’d love to see it. 🙂 “pling”

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