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1500 meet & greet time!

We have passed 1500 followers now. You are all a part of this blog that keeps growing and growing and growing. 

You are all funny valentines that makes me smile and learn new things everyday. Thank you all for being out there with your great blogs no matter how big or small your blogs are. Keep blogging and this one is for you all.

Mr Nils Landgren is a trombone genius from Sweden. He has recorded Christmas albums that are great. They’re called Christmas with my friends. My all time favorite Christmas records or well, they maybe not be called records anymore, but some of you know what I mean. Albums maybe the right word or is that a ancient word too?

Anyway, just listen to this, if you like peaceful music 😉

Oh, right, the meet & greet thing. Just leave your link to your blog or a post on your blog in the comments. Check out the other comments and click their links and you will find some amazing blogs and they will find yours.


29 thoughts on “1500 meet & greet time!”

  1. Hi Anna! Congratulations on all the followers. 🙂
    I’m Lindsay, the blogger behind I blog about my journey as a blogger, mom, self-published author and husky owner. I hope you can stop by!
    Have a fantastic day further and thank you for hosting this Meet and Greet. I’ll pop in again later to check out more links. 🙂

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  2. I have a blog of stories and poetry all genres and lots of surprises please follow… I will make you laugh until your belly aches and cry like the world just stopped

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  3. Anna, I am so excited I found your blog!!! My name is Mackenzie, and I created my blog to keep our family and friends updated on our happenings in California. We moved here this past July from Indiana, and it’s been a wonderful adventure. I dabble in a little bit of everything and wear my heart on my sleeve. Pleasure to meet you all! Thank you for hosting, Anna!

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