Photographs, Sweden according to, Trosa is the place

Midsummer in Sweden

This weekend it’s Midsummer holiday in Sweden.

So I wish you all a happy Midsummer with this

and this

Dreamweather for this holiday is sun, warm days and nights.

But this is what we’ve got most of so far. Not much rain though.


11 thoughts on “Midsummer in Sweden”

    1. Oh, that’s where it went! We had a few drops here, but then it went away. We could use some rain. The blueberries need some water now in the woods.

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            1. Now you made me smell that too! Maybe I should try to find some in the freezer from last year until new ones grows this summer.

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            2. Use up the old ones Anna. Even if you make them into a smoothy or a sauce for ice cream. They are also good in pan cakes.

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            3. Blueberry panncakes! I haven’t tried that. I think I will try that when I find the blueberries in the freezer. Thanks!

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