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Glad Midsommar – Happy Midsummer

In Sweden we often celebrate Summer solstice with many outdoor activities. This morning I woke up to this We definitely need rain, lots of rain but I feel sorry for all those who have planned a swedish Midsummer celebration outdoors. I don't mind the rain at all. I like rainy days.  So no matter the… Continue reading Glad Midsommar – Happy Midsummer

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Midsummer in Sweden

This weekend it's Midsummer holiday in Sweden. So I wish you all a happy Midsummer with this and this Dreamweather for this holiday is sun, warm days and nights. But this is what we've got most of so far. Not much rain though. Anna

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Happy Midsummer

Me got some chalk crayons and a rock and it's Midsummer here in Sweden 🙂 Read more about Midsummer celebrations here: Happy Midsummer everyone! Anna