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Midsummer in Sweden

This weekend it's Midsummer holiday in Sweden. So I wish you all a happy Midsummer with this and this Dreamweather for this holiday is sun, warm days and nights. But this is what we've got most of so far. Not much rain though. Anna

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Chalk butterflies Fjärilar med gatukrita

The path in the garden cannot escape my chalks 😉 I will never grow up, just so you know! Anna

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Chalk fishes – fiskar med gatukritor

I will never grow up. This is fun! Anna

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Bird counting day 2017

My first birdcounting at the birdfeeder turned out like this: ZERO BIRDS! But I did see a lot of birds at sea like Sea eagles, ravens, swans, dippers, mergansers, gulls and that mysterious gray bird. So, in my rock drawing today I created some fantasy birds instead. I have no idea what sort of birds… Continue reading Bird counting day 2017