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Sea Nature in Trosa is no longer protected!

At a text in Swedish is published.

My family wrote the text to tell the public that the nature is no longer protected by the authorities that should protect it. It’s sad when authority people forget their responsibility to the public and nature. Sweden often brag about how uncorrupt we are. That’s not true anymore, we are as bad as any other nation. Money talks here too. We also brag about how great we are at democracy. We are not any more and that scares me.

This is the text in a google translation. Sorry if it’s hard to read. It’s not easy to translate all Swedish law words correct.

Trosa Municipality and the County Administrative Board extinguish the grand nature protection in Trosa

The Swedish nature protection rules shall protect the animal and plant life and provide public access to beaches and water. Responsibility for maintaining this protection is the municipality and county administrative board’s work.

The nature protection rules are simple. No action is allowed, therefore, exemption from the rules is required when you want to take action. To receive the dispensation, strong reasons, as defined in the law, are required.

The municipality and county administrative board also have supervisory responsibility. In case of suspected unlawful actions and when the notifier is known, there is an obligation to notify the notifier of appealable decisions. There is no legal possibility for the Authority to waive.

With the presumption that the municipality and county administrative authority protects nature and public interests, neither public, neighboring property or rights holders, which may be negatively affected by dispensation decisions, may have judicial decisions. The legislators have missed that the municipality and county administrative board may abuse the rules. There is no opportunity for the public to have obviously wrong exemption decisions tried in court.

This gap in the law has the municipality of Trosa and the County Administrative Board utilized the last three years in a case we are aware of. On an unclear basis, a property in the Trosa Archipelago, of the municipality and the County Administrative Board, has received immunity from the protection of nature rules in terms of assessments of applied dispensers and supervisory rules. Notifiers have also been refused appeal decisions for a period of three years on repeated occasions, although regulatory authorities are not legally able to do so. How the municipality’s management of the nature protection rules benefits the public and nature’s interests in this case is unclear.

In the cases We know about the entries contain the reported dispensing measures reported and the municipality and the County Administrative Board’s alternative interpretation of the dispensation rules. As the law applies equally to all and no one can be subdivided, all beach properties should be able to invoke the immunity from the protection of the sea, which the municipality and the County Administrative Board now appear to offer selected property owners in Trosa. However, it is unclear how property owners achieve such status.

This alternative application of the beach protection rules means that the public in the future may see a significant reduction in access to beaches when the notifier is refused enforcement decisions. Nature no longer has any protection of the beach protection rules, which may have fatal consequences. Nature and the public can not defend themselves but have to rely on responsible authorities to do right.

Owners of beach property can either be fortunate if they receive immunity from the protection of the beach, or they may suffer from inequality and infinite attempts to achieve correction in costly multi-year legal proceedings when wrong decisions are refused independent review.

We estimate, so far we know, that the municipality has deprived the municipality’s inhabitants of approximately SEK 150,000 (18 000 USD, 16 000 EUR) in the absence of dispensation revenue due to lack of supervision. Then, any supervisory fees and test amounts are not included. If the municipality has applied alternative interpreting, even in other cases, the amount that has been detached from the municipality’s inhabitants may be even greater.

It’s not trucks that run into crowds that threaten democracy, it’s authorities that act out of rules and make public and residents lawless that is the real threat to democracy.

Here’s a drawing I made a couple of years ago. Nature protection laws should preserve nature and public access to beaches in Sweden. But our authorities use the rules to protect some private landowners instead.


22 thoughts on “Sea Nature in Trosa is no longer protected!”

  1. We are temporary custodians of the planet whose first duty to it is to preserve it for future generations – keep up your good work fighting for nature 🙂

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  2. Worrying and so true that there are these threats to our democracy that we are not made aware of until it happens. Hopefully you and others can keep up your local campaigns and raise awareness. You are truly a nature and democracy protector as well as an amazing artist.

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    1. Thank you. I try to fight with the knowledge and common sense I’ve got. The democracy is really threatened from inside not by outside threats. We ourselves damage the democracy by being blind to the authorities daily breaking democracy laws. I found out we citizens have no protection for such actions. That scares me more than trucks running in to people masses. They are clear about what they want to achieve. Our authorities say they support democracy but they act the opposite. I never thought that would happen to my country. It’s sad and scary. But I won’t give up. Democracy is the only way I see work for a country who wants to live in peace.

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      1. Indeed this is what happened with our latest U.K. Immigration fiasco but real people have been suffering since the laws changed several years ago. It took some time and really good journalism from the Guardian that reported on each individual story. It has to happen for nature too.

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