A wonderful gift

The other day a friend gave me old books no longer in use. They’re from the beginning of 1900 century and written by the first woman Nobel Prize winner in literature Selma Lagerlöf. I read some of her books before, but now I have plenty more to read. She was a good writer and it’s very interesting to dive in the Swedish 1800-1900 centuries even if it is fiction. Her books gives us an idea of how it was back then. Her book is based on true stories, so it’s learning to read the books.

One of the stories is about the time when many Swedes moved to Jerusalem because of their faith. Many moved to America too, but some took the way to Jerusalem instead.

So now all I have to find is time to read these books. They are over hundred years old. Imagine that. The wings of history sings when I open the books.

I think her books are translated to other languages, so if you find her books somewhere near you and in your language, take the chance to read a book or two.


18 thoughts on “A wonderful gift”

    1. I have read some of them, but in this bunch of books I found several that I haven’t read yet. I think her writing still have something to say to us 2000 century living humans.

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  1. I haven´t read a book since I was a teenager. The last book I bought was The broker, (Agenten in Swedish), with John Grisham. I bought it for about ten years ago, and I have still not opened it! 😂😂😂😂 Reading books is not my strong side, but I have thought about E-books. I Do not Even Read the morning newspaper I subscribe to, wasted money really, but the morning paper we have here in Kristianstad is rubbish. Had the paper been a bit softer I could use it on the toilet! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. I like listening to books when I can’t read them. When I paint I often listen to a book. That’s a good way to “read” books if you don’t like or have time to read. I learn a lot from reading different kinds of books. And it’s fun entering other worlds. That’s what happens in my head when I read books.

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  2. What a wonderful gift! …’am a bit jealous actually 😉 just kidding, but yes, a very nice gift indeed ❤

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