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Is it too much? Tar jag i för mycket?

I got an image in my head a while ago and the other day Rajiv left a comment in one of my post telling they had 49 C and that was a near death experience.

Here in Sweden we wining when temps are 30 C, we’re use to ten C less on the scale normal Swedish summers. If other people have 49 and more, we should not be wining at 30 C, but we do. Sorry for that. I bet many more have bigger issues that 30 C temps.

But we do have big uncontrollable fires going on in north Sweden, but so far no one has died as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong. It would be terrible to be wrong about facts like that.

It’s terrible that fires eat up the woods up in north Sweden and many people are forced to leave their homes, but Greece seems to have worse fires, so maybe we can’t complain as far as no one has died here.

We have water supply issues and food for cattle issues, but can we really complain about that either? There’s lots of countries with constant lack of water and food.

The whole world now suffers from the climate changes consequences. Do we really have any waiting time left before we have to do something?

I often feel we don’t get that we have to do something very soon before the big catastrophe is here all over us. But I’m also convinced that we together can do something about it if we really decide to do it.

Can we begin an anastrophe, which is the opposite of catastrophe?

I did this drawing, but I wonder, is it too much?


21 thoughts on “Is it too much? Tar jag i för mycket?”

    1. I hear what you say, and I agree partly. Right now we can’t do anything, but we can make future impact on the climate changes that affects the future weather. But for now, we can’t do anything but cope in the heat. And here in Sweden we can really complain yet. We have food, water and roof over our heads. Soon sun begins to go down earlier in the evening and raise later in the morning. We will getting colder weather eventually. But we really wish for rain right now.

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      1. As for climate change, yes, we can help control that. But it’s hot in summer in the northern hemisphere. Climate change withstanding, the weather will do what it wants. Whether we like it or not. Mother Nature kinda does what she wants, with little regard to us little beings. 😃

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  1. The other parts to the change adage are courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference. Large Wildfires are burning in several Canadian provinces. This is happening every year now. We spends hundreds of millions of dollars to put them out and evacuate people and otherwise ignore them. Maybe all that money could be put to a better use?

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    1. Probably. We should use time to think of what we can and can’t do. Wild fires are natural, but when they come more often and in areas where people live it’s difficult to do nothing. But I agree, is it the best way to fight wild fires? that’s the question.


    1. Yes it is very hot in Sweden right now. We’re used to around 20-25 C but now it’s 30-35 C in shadow. We’re not made for this heat! At nights normal temps are around 15 C, now they’re around 20 C. It never gets colder, so the days get warmer and warmer.

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        1. No, we have dry weather and very little humid air. We need rain so badly. Half of Sweden (at least it feels like that) is burning up in the north. They have worked for weeks to put out really big wild fires, but still it’s burning. No rain in sight yet.

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            1. I read about that. Usually we don’t have much wild fires but in 2014 we had a really big forest fire in north and this year it’s even bigger fires on several places. So this is new to us, but probably something we have to learn more about.

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            2. Yes indeed. We have help from Italy, France, Norway, Poland and Germany and I think some other countries help us too. I hope we do the same for them one day.

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