A great day at Askö Laboratory in Trosa Archipelago

Being a tourist in your own town or achipelago can be very fun.

Just look at this day trip.


Leaving Trosa harbor

It’s our white watertower you see in the background


We’re going with m/s Storsand.

The little yellow building in this picture is Julaftons fyr (Christmas lighthouse)
Trosa archipelago



Arriving Askölab, Trosa Archipelago


Asko Laboratory is a marine biological research station in Stockholm University. Read more at Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

And Baltic Sea Weed Blog | The blog about seaweed in the Baltic Sea

Once a year they invite the public to visit their place. They tell us all about sea life and the enviromental health.
Under water camera in the empty space of the boat house


View from a tower


Sea eagle


Amazing archipelago landscape


Time to go home after a great day. I want to be a marine scientist in my next life.

On our way home we see Trosas most photograhed object. Julaftons fyr (Christmas lighthouse)


I live in a very beautiful place on earth. Days like this reminds me of how lucky I am. Love the sea and archipelago. I was almost born at sea or at least very young when I get on a boat the first time.

Hope you enjoyed the trip in Trosa archipelago 🙂



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