Nature miracles

Bäver – Beaver

This friend swimmed by the other day. It´s unusual for archipelago folks to see beaver. Denna lilla kompis kom förbisimmande häromdagen. Ovanligt i skärgården men inte omöjligt. Anna

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Christmas Eve lighthouse on CD

I did another CD painting 🙂 Jag har gjort en CD-målning till 🙂 The lighthouse in Trosa archipelago called Christmas Eve. Julaftons fyr i Trosa skärgård. Same CD with light behind. Didn't have any sunlight at the photo op. Samma CD belyst bakifrån. Hade inget solljus att tillgå när jag tog kortet. Anna

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Askölab June 17 2017

Once a year the Askö laboratory in Trosa archipelago open for the public. The place is part of Baltic sea center. Marine biology research is going on constantly out there. You can read about the Baltic sea weed research at the blog Balticseaweed/Tångbloggen. At you can read about the day at Askölab. It was… Continue reading Askölab June 17 2017

Digital paintings, drawings, Nature miracles

Memory of a good day

I had a very good Sunday yesterday. After a six day long workweek with chaos and stress around me it was good having a Sunday that I felt was a mini vacation. First of all it was free from idiots. That helps making a day good a lot! Second, I was in my favorite place… Continue reading Memory of a good day

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Darkness falls across the land

November in Sweden means dark days.  This is morning in My town Trosa The sun don't get much higher than this over the horizon before lunchtime In the middle of the day it look like this in Trosa archipelago  The small future Christmas trees looked like this today That white stuff aren't supposed to be… Continue reading Darkness falls across the land

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Clouds in the water?

Nature beauty. I didn't do anythong but to take the photo. The rest is natures doing. Sweden archipelago in Baltic sea in my neighborhood. Anna

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Perfect kayak water

One of my favorite places. A place for kayaking 🙂 What's your favorite places? Anna

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Kayak morning

Kayak mornings are like heaven on earth. To be in nature silence watching all greatness and feel you can be a part of that miracle is an experience I truly cherish. I live in Trosa archipelago very near Askö nature reserve. It's always grand nature experience kayaking in this area. Almost no wind makes paddling… Continue reading Kayak morning

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-12 degree C/10,4 degree F

   Winter landscape in Trosa archipelago is beautiful in coldness, but I think it's far tooooo cold for me. At this temperatures many people starting to look for sea ice to skate on. No ice by my place to skate on yet though, and I would never dare to go out on sea ice. I've… Continue reading -12 degree C/10,4 degree F

paint on rocks

Paint on rocks Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago

One of The town Trosa's most painted and photographed subject. The lighthouse called Christmas eve in Trosa archipelago. Ett av Trosas mest avbildade motiv. Julaftons fyr i Trosa skärgård. Nu har jag förevigat fyrvaktarstället på sten som snökula 🙂 En utmaning att måla på tredimensionella ytor, som egentligen inte alls motsvarar verklighetens räta linjer. Men… Continue reading Paint on rocks Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago

Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago

  Our most photographed object in Trosa archipelago. A lighthouse-place we call "Julafton" wich is X-mas eve in english. The legend tells that shipwrecked were nearby and got rescued, one Christmas eve and since then, the lighthouse is called Julafton (Christmas eve). In this painting it is winter as you can see 😉 Anna

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Kayak fantasy

Kayaking in archipelago in Sweden is sweet as candy 😉 Anna  

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Juno in Trosa Archipelago

This is a beutiful sight in Trosa Archipelago. The classic Göta Canal-boats between Gothenburg - Stockholm makes short visits to my town Trosa when they cruise. You can read more about the boats and cruises here: Göta Canal Göta Canal Cruise Gothenburg - Stockholm Anna

Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

A great day at Askö Laboratory in Trosa Archipelago

Being a tourist in your own town or achipelago can be very fun. Just look at this day trip. . Leaving Trosa harbor It's our white watertower you see in the background         We're going with m/s Storsand.   The little yellow building in this picture is Julaftons fyr (Christmas lighthouse) Trosa archipelago    … Continue reading A great day at Askö Laboratory in Trosa Archipelago