Time hunting, What ever

Time flies away/Tiden flyger i väg

Time flies away. Sometimes when you’re having fun or when you one day wake up and realize that time you thought was forever, almost have disappeared. 

Tiden flyger i väg. När vi har roligt eller när vi en dag upptäcker att mycket mer tid har förflutit än vad vi trott. 


Tiden flyger i väg/Time flies away (500 sek)

8 thoughts on “Time flies away/Tiden flyger i väg”

  1. I quite like the composition here Anna and your stork’s design. I’d actually really like to see a variation of this image with sharp contrasts and simplified solid colors. Manually it would take a lot of effort to get that effect I imagine but you could probably convert this image easily enough using illustration software. Do you use anything like Adobe Illustrator for your art?

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    1. Good idea about sharp contrast and solid colors. I’ll keep that in my mind. I’m from the Stone age so I do my art very much manually without much digital prep. But one day I come to the digital world too in my art I think. This picture is done with beewax crayons, normally used as children crayons. I find it amusing to try to make art of such simple crayons.

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  2. Oh! Thank you for doing this post then! Yes, Time does go so fast! I like the stork with the clock! It makes perfect sense!

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